Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Time, its constantly on our minds isn't it?

We all talk about how 'time flies when you're having fun'. We all wish, or maybe just me, that time would slow down........especially on my face!!

I wrote a post about the passing of time, how my little boy suddenly isn't so little anymore. 
I mean, I have been married 21 years, in July?! What?? HOW?? I am not old enough?!

Another thing, about me mostly, is I cannot stand tardiness. If you can't be somewhere, at the time you say, don't give a time! I know leaving the house with my 3 boys can be difficult. Sometimes I really can't give an exact time I will be somewhere. It's difficult to say if they will even want to leave the house, and then its reminding them that they need to wear coats, shoes etc. 
So I don't give a time.

I accept reasonable excuses, not everyone is as, ahem, OCD about it as I am.  I, personally, like being on time. This is probably the reason I am a little addicted to watches. I have several lying around the house. I am rarely without some type of watch on, I like a watch that you can tell the time with! Not something that is so fancy, you have fight to see the face.

I think bracelet watches are very pretty but I would much rather something like these Fossil Watches. I mean, it's stunning. Practical, looks pretty and feminine. Yet it's a good solid watch, I love the full range. 

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