Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So that's it?!

Monday the 20th May, 2013. Not a significant date to most. 
It's the birthday of my sister in law. 
It's also a month to my birthday.

But nothing major.

I am writing this, however, to save the date in my memory.

Today my son was signed off with the Pediatric Consultant.

Should I be happy? Is this a confirmation that I am doing a good job?

Only it doesn't feel like that. It feels like I've been abandoned. 
I feel like I am all alone now, with no one to turn to.

Who do I ask now, if I need help? 

My son is still in nappies, I have tried everything, but he still won't use the toilet.
His speech is moving forward well, and his understanding is getting there, but what next?

I feel like I am standing alone in the crazy world of Autism.

I am a warrior though. This will not beat me.

Even though I now have NO ONE.

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