Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful 30/05

I wasn't going to join in this week. I've been feeling a bit low and didn't feel like it.

Then I sat and read EVERY post linked into this week, it really lifted me, seeing everyone's positivity come through in their writing. I often read every post in this link, It's a lovely one to see and I thank Mummy From the Heart for bringing it to us every week.

So onto this weeks reasons.
1. I seem to be winning in the battle with technology this half term. My middle boy would spend his whole life in front of a laptop/Ipad/Television. So this week it was my mission to change that. We have got our garden planted, we've got a load of baking done. Tomorrow we shall be crafting! So he is still on the laptop, but for about half the time.

2. My articles! Yes I know I'm harping on about it, but it keeps getting better. My friend at MBCtimes has now asked if I would like to keep sending articles! :-) Its a great way to get more Autism Awareness and I feel like I'm achieving something. 

3. My husband. As I said, I have been feeling a bit low, some things have been bothering me, I know I am going to be classed as being in the wrong for something and it's playing on my mind. Yesterday my hubby brought me a cuppa to bed, the boys were entertaining themselves. We talked, we talked until it was time for him to start work. It reminded me why I love this man so much, he also reminded me that the 5 people inside our 4 walls are the most important to me. If anyone is going to upset me, he will go to bat for me. I ended up feeling a lot more positive.

On a final note, on my facebook page, I am running a bit of a raffle. When I reach 100 likes I am going to make something for one of the likers. I will hold a raffle, pick a winner, then I shall discuss with the winner their likes and dislikes. I shall then hand make, and get delivered, something just for them. It may not be perfect but it will be made with love and care!


  1. I always read every R2BC post too it gives me a right kick up the bum when I need it! Isn't your hubbie a sweetie, lovely to know he has your back.

  2. Lovely reasons and congrats on the articles :) R2BC always helps cheer me up when I'm having a rubbish week too x

  3. this hop is fab at boosting spirits :-)

  4. What a fab hubby! They are hard to find, but such a blessing when you do! Have a good weekend! X

  5. This blog hop is just great as it really makes us focus on the good stuff. It was wonderful to read your reasons to be cheerful (says she who has a husband who has just arrived home from a boys lunch at 7.30pm!!!!!). Men! :-)

  6. It's not possible for most people to be happy all the time, life tends to throw too much sh*t at us for that, so don't do yourself down. But yes, taking part and reading R2BC always helps :)

  7. Well done for joining in and finding some reasons to be cheerful! I've liked your fb page....I really need to do one too! X

  8. Yippie, well done for reading through and joining in. Your raffle sounds like a lovely idea. Mich x


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