Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reasons to be cheerful 16/05

I love this day of the week. I love doing the reasons and I love thinking of positive things when, maybe, the day isn't a positive one. Today, our car has gone in for an MOT. This is not a good thing, last year it cost us close to £700! I'm bricking it, if I'm honest.

I decided, when the hubby came back from dropping the car at the garage, that I would do this weeks before we got the results. I may not be feeling very positive in about 45 minutes! 

Here are this weeks.......
1. Birthday and Brit Mums. I am so excited about this, I can't put it into words!! I'm not looking forward to the birthday bit. I really don't like people making a fuss! I had a party for my wedding anniversary last year, as it was 20 years, but hardly any of my family showed and it has put me off big celebrations. I am however looking forward to kicking off the next decade with other Bloggers, there are so many of you that I really want to meet face to face. 

2. My renewed interest in sewing. I am so loving sitting at my sewing machine, in the living room, whilst watching T.V. of an evening. I don't have patterns, I am just being creative and having fun! It is lovely to see something from my mind coming together. This is my current project, forgive the blue belt! I just needed to hold it in place while I measured the hem. The material is hard to make out, it is a lovely Chinese style pattern, beautiful.

3....and this is a doozie.......I've been published!?!!! An old school friend and blog reader contacted me and asked if I would like to write an article for MBCTimes, an on line publication. It is the first of 3 pieces I am doing. Looking at Autism through our eyes, and trying to spread awareness. I am so proud, it is polished up, with an intro and end piece written by my friend. I ask you all to please spread the link, the more awareness the better.

I think I have great reasons for being cheerful this week. I hope you can all think of some, give me your reasons.

(p.s. I am having a little draw, when I reach 100 likes, on my facebook page, so if you would like a handmade (by me) item for you or someone you know, go give it a like!)


  1. This is a lovely positive post. I am loving your dress, the material is fabulous. Congrats on the article too!

    1. Thank you. It is lovely material, I just don't look nice in the dress! Xx

  2. Fantastic reasons, beautiful dress and well done you for writing your articles. Clever lady! xx #R2BC

  3. Well done you on getting some published articles! Especially on a subject so important to you. Love this weeks reasons, lovely dress pattern, you're a talented lady then! x

  4. Hi Joanna I too am getting back into sewing,at the moment am busy with curtains and cushions but have just bought a dress pattern now to get to search for fabric your material looks lovely so happy sewing.

  5. Congratulations on being published - have shared :) A teensy bit jealous of your planned trip to Brit Mums, one day I'll go! And how did the car get on?

  6. Thanks all!
    Hannah, I wish I was talented! Just bumbling through, sshhh don't tell x

    Sarah, I really am getting to love doing it! x

    Blue sky, thank you lovely! The car has shocked us, only £80 max *phew* x

  7. Lovely reasons to be cheerful and I am totally in awe of you creating a dress from scratch, no pattern! I would love to be able to do that. Great to have a hobby to keep you busy (other than blogging!) x

  8. Well done on being published, and I'm very envious of you going to Britmums, I'd so love to go!

  9. Brilliant news about being published!! That is a real achievement.

    Lovely post hun

    Laura x x x

  10. BritMum swill be awesome, it always is. I'm one of the butterflies so do say hello if you spot me.

    Big well done on being published. Mich x


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