Friday, May 10, 2013

No Post!

I'm writing this late at night as I have spent the day with my mum in Cardiff, shopping, eating and cinema.

I have been a complete pig! But it was the start of the celebrations for my 40th.

My main present is attending Brit Mums live........squeeee! today my mum bought me her present......

How cool are they?!?! I have multi coloured leopard print, for the day. Then sparkly, shiny ones for the evening dress up bit.........There is an evening dress up bit, right?!

Anyway, I'm just popping on to show off say hello. 

Oh and to give you another bit of news. A friend of mine works for a publication that distributes in several countries, including the UK, and has asked me to write a piece on Autism!! Yes me?! I have done my first piece and will let you know when it is published.


  1. I WANT those converse now. OMG, I love them both, but I have a converse fetish lol.
    I wish I was going to Britmums, just too far for me to get to without needing a 2nd mortgage!
    Congratulations on writing the Autism article, can't wait to read it xxx

    1. I wish you were going to Brit mums too!!!!
      I only started wearing them as my son grew out of I have 4 pairs haha x


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