Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Next term.....

I have drifted away from autism here, a little, lately. I haven't forgotten my boys! I just wanted to show that my life is not just Autism. I am trying to become a whole person again, in my own right.

I will be honest, I am not completely succeeding.......My social life needs work. I find it hard to leave them to anyone else for just a night! It's getting worse as they get older. Physically they are harder to manage, as they are growing lads.

Today, I had my 1st piece, about Autism awareness,  edited and shown to me, that a friend wanted for a publication she writes for. It should be published soon, she has done a great job of polishing it up. 

This has brought other things to mind, that have been niggling at the back of my brain.  Little AJs next term in school being the biggest.

I am not going to lie, I am Terrified, with a capital T. 
For RJ nothing is going to change much this year, he goes from year 5 to year 6, simply a change of teachers, a different classroom in the same hallway. He has done this 4 times, as all the classes in his school are along one side of a corridor and the hall is the opposite side, easy transition.

KJ has a big year coming, it's his final year of Comp, his GCSE year. We have managed to apprise most of his teachers of his home situation, they were fantastic. Many have told him the classrooms are available after school for a little while, for him to do any revision/homework that he can't get done at home.

Little A is my main worry. I have spoken to his teacher ( I really wish she could go with him!). There are health and safety issues for him, that means he can't be unsupervised during lunch hour, if out on the main yard. If he has an accident, bumps into someone, or gets hurt, he will bolt. There is very little chance of catching him if he does that.
'So make sure he is supervised in the yard?!' I hear you say. 
I agree, however, the funding is complicated. AJ only gets 7.5 hours a week, if he has to be supervised at lunch and break times, he will get nothing in the classroom. This doesn't just affect his education, but the other children in the class. I don't want to be responsible for that.

Then there is the issue of his toilet needs. He is still not 'dry'. He still goes barmy if we mention using the toilet. This last week he has not been going properly, I think he has stopped himself, because we have mentioned the toilet too much. This is common in Autistic children, I actually went to a 'class' on it when he was younger. Basically, until he is ready, it won't happen. Will the school continue to change his nappies, I doubt it. I don't really think it's their job, but then what is the alternative?

Then there's the issue of him going to a new classroom, I have documented my trouble getting him there now, this being one of the main ones. He likes his teachers, what the hell am I going to do if he doesn't!?!?! I'm not sure who is next teacher is yet, but I hope she is as understanding of the situation as the teachers and TAs have been this year. We will set up an enhanced transition, he will probably go once a week for the last half term of this school year. What if he hates it........and I have to get him there after having 6 weeks off!

He's going to think he's finished for good


Big years for these 2!
Well, anyway, I am off now to stare a alcohol until it's an appropriate time of day to drink it! (not really but I wish I could)

As usual, any advice or just cyber hugs will be gratefully received! 


  1. Thinking of you ((hugs)) Huge anxiety here over transition to secondary school for aspie boy, god knows if it's going to work!

    1. I have that to come next yr for middle boy *sigh* ((hugs back)) x


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