Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Music. What next?

I am a big lover of music, in any form. I've recently purchased a turntable, so I can play the old vinyl, that me and the hubby accumulated in our misspent youth. 

Can you imagine how much room our music collection is taking up?! 
It's not just vinyl we have a stack of, oh no. We have a lot of, well everything! Our Itunes are full. Everything we owned has been downloaded to the laptop. 
Thanks to the new turntable we can even put our singles and albums on to the hard drive! Somehow that loses some of the magic though.

Lets not forget the CD's, how could we. I gave up on trying to find storage for that, my storage for them has resorted to a veg box full of cds.

This isn't all of them, oh no! These are just the ones that I gave up finding a place for. I also have 2 box sets of CD's in my car, and several of those holders, with the sleeves inside.

I have them everywhere! But in this modern age of technology, do I really need them all? Can't I recycle or something!?

This is where Music Magpie comes in. I had heard of this before, and thought it was a good idea. I had never actually clicked the link though.
I was pleasantly surprised when I did. 

I can sell my stuff, not just my CD's, but other stuff too!
I can get rid of technology that is no longer wanted, or simply to make some money. 

You can also sell clothes!! Now for someone who is forever on a diet, and has a wardrobe stuffed with just about every size from 16-26, yes really, selling clothes is a very good idea.

It's all so easy, just follow the instructions on screen, if they don't want what you're selling, they'll tell you straight away.

You can take a look by clicking this link Music Magpie 

Now......who's CD collection do I attack 1st?

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