Wednesday, May 08, 2013

May Pinaddicts

I'm joining in again this month, last month I made a notice board. This time I made a dress! Still using a pin that I found, but adapting it for myself.

PinAddicts Challenge

This is the original pin.....pinterest

I only used the picture as inspiration, then created my own pattern (using an old bed sheet). I cut the material to the size and shape I wanted, basically it was to be an oblong for a top, more a square for a dress. I then took my measurements and marked out a neck, as I was using a very soft, satin material, I had to create a lining for the neck too. Then using tacking, rather than stabbing myself with pins, I put the 'top' on to test if the stitching was in the correct place.

first picture is the original pattern shaping, then a close up of the collar,
followed by the finished piece with the lining showing slightly.
When sewing the neck lining on, it should be sewn right side to right side. You then turn it over and sew closely to the turn. This gives a better finish to the neck line.

Make sure all edges are hemmed, and if you are trying this for the first time, don't make the same mistake as me.....go for cotton, not a slippery, fiddly bit of material.

Once all is hemmed, sew the front and back together, again sewing right side to right side. You then turn it the right way. On the original pattern created, you should have the tacking/markings to show you where to sew, down the body. Place your pattern on to your, nearly finished, top. Mark on the Right Side of the material, where you want the stitching to be, then sew. This will create a body and 'sleeves' of sort.

This is the finished product and *sigh* me wearing it.......So sorry, I'm really not built for this crap, especially just after dinner! 

 So there you have it, one of my entry's into this months pinaddicts challenge.......I think I'll be doing more. I have more material, more wool, and a little time to get creative.

If you have any questions about this top, please do not hesitate to ask. As a comment or on twitter or my page on facebook (both links found on my 'about me' page). I will do my best to answer, however this is a journey of exploration for me, so don't get too technical!! 


  1. I remember you mentioned making this top when you tweeted me with support about my first sewing project and you've done it! Well done! And you've made it sound so simple!

    1. It genuinely wasn't that hard. The material was the tricky bit! lol thanks for commenting x

  2. Well done you!

    Looks fab, you did a great job with it, sewing clothes is my nemesis!

  3. Wow well done Jo that looks brilliant. I'm rubbish at sewing and I admire anyone who can make clothes. You look fab so don't be sighing :)

    1. I'm quite pleased with it! I detest pics of myself lol x

  4. It turned out amazing!!! I can't sew to save my life. And I love your blue hair...! your hair is blue right? :) Thanks so much for entering the pinaddicts challenge too! kerry x


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