Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Winning (Sort of)

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This post is about me (sort of) winning the battle with technology. I wrote this post the other day. I am hoping to get my boys to spend a little bit more time away from their little screens......and more time doing family stuff.

I keep adding the 'sort of'....I didn't expect to work miracles, so they are still spending a little time in front Ipad's etc. But a lot less. So far, this weekend, we have been mainly focused on the garden. Trying to get it to look more inviting. Here are my results.......

These are the 'before' shots.
This is me and middle boy, busy planting all our seeds.

Then we may of spent some of the sunshine doing this!
We have also managed to start painting the fence along the one side of our garden, then the skies opened! So they escaped indoors and back to technology.

However for almost 2 whole days we have had fun together, you may notice the distinct lack of a teenager..........Have yet to work out how to get him out of bed!

Round 2 will start tomorrow, with some baking or crafting. Hope everyone else is having a fun Half Term.

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  1. Ah hard work which shall be rewarded! Wonderful to get your boy involved too, Kitty loves helping in the garden but Ozzy has the attention span of a gnat when it comes to things he deems not exciting enough!

    Thanks ever so much for joining in x


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