Friday, May 24, 2013

Declaring War...

Don't panic, I've not gone all political and ranty. I am declaring war, but on..........

This week is half term and I am sick of my children spending every break we get together stuck in front of a screen. My youngest loves his Ipad, middle boy is utterly obsessed with Minecraft on the netbook, eldest has the Xbox. 

I have nothing against any of these things, I'm just finding lately that they are on there too much. Thanks, in part, to the lousy weather we have in the UK. Also, I spent a lot of the last year in a lot of pain, but I am not in pain anymore, so I am re-claiming my children.

Today's post is a list, a list of things I want us to do, that we WILL do, this week.

  1. Get Planting! I have a rubbish garden. There is nothing but grass and concrete, so I plan to get some bright coloured pots, a couple of seeds....and get my kids messy!
  2. Painting. If we have some nice weather I plan to get us all out the garden, painting the fences, then drawing some pictures on there. I want to make the garden somewhere fun, that we want to spend time.
  3. Get the tent out. This is the hubby's idea, he wants to check if our tent is still any good. If it is, and we can get the little one used to it. Cheap holidays, here we come!
  4. Some crafty fun. I love getting the paint, bits of material etc, out. Once they see me having fun, its not look before the 2 youngest want to join in.
  5. Baking. I want to get the little one cooking, I think he would enjoy it and, possibly, eat more. Middle boy is a whizz in the kitchen. So I think a few cakes and cookies might get made.
  6. Puzzles. The weather forecast is not great! My hubby loves his puzzles and the boys will often drift in and out, placing pieces.
  7. A film day. Either the cinema or slouching around at home.
So that is my declaration on technology!
Who will win? I'll let you know this time next week.


  1. Good luck I will look forward to hearing how you got on.

    1. Fingers crossed! The weather is not playing ball, but a lot can be done indoors x

  2. I hope the weather's fine for you. Good luck, I can't imagine the rebellion if i tried something like this with my boys :-D


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