Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Books Reviewed(ish)

Today was the 1st day in more than a week, through illness and other family reasons. I basically lazed on my sofa and read a book. In doing that, and reading Mama Owls April round up, I have realised how long it has been since I last did a review!

So this is mostly just a quick round up, I don't like to give too much away anyway. I read mostly thrillers/crime books, I'd hate to give away the plot!

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BOOK 9: Little Girl Lost.
I found this book utterly addictive! The twists and turns were fantastic, with threads of possible suspects, all winding in together, until you have to turn each page. I got thoroughly wrapped up in this book, I found it a very easy read, with a very good story line about the possible kidnap of 2, very different girls.

BOOK 10: The Lethal Effect.
You may remember my 1st book review (here), in it I reviewed a thriller about the world of creating new medicines etc. I did not give it a glowing review. Basically The Lethal Effect was everything that book wasn't! The lead character is very likable and, as the new tablets being tested are anti depressants, there is a very strong mental health theme. The story is intriguing and thrilling, a thoroughly enjoyable book.

BOOK 11: Grind Their Bones.
An excellent thriller, and easy read. The storyline is not one for the weak stomached of you! It is not overly graphic, however it does get a little gruesome in parts. I enjoyed the way the author told the story from both sides, you have an insight into the killers mind and it really does leave you guessing.

BOOK 12: Five Days To Die.
Ooooh I enjoyed this one! I really can't say much as it will give the story away. Its an edge of your seat thriller, that still suprised me at the end. A must for all crime/thriller lovers!

BOOK 13: Jane Eyre Laid Bare.
I'll be frank with you.........its my bathroom book!!! I dip in and out when I'm in there. Its an enjoyable book so far, think period drama mixed with a touch of Mr. Grey........only well written.

BOOK 14: 12th of Never.
Another chapter in the lives of Lynsay Boxer and the rest of the Womens Murder Club. As usual from James Patterson, an excellent read. If you have never read this series.......where have you been?! The books are titled in order, and if you fancy an easy, but very well written, thriller, you can't go far wrong with a James Patterson book. Start with 1st to Die, get to know Lynsay Boxer, and if you like this genre, you'll be hooked.

BOOK 15: Stolen Girl.
I read this in a day. I saw this girl on This Morning recently, she was interviewed from behind a screen. Her story broke my heart, and I rarely read books based around abuse, I don't understand how people can treat children so badly. But this girl was targeted by predators and groomed.
I cried a lot reading this, there were hauntings of some of my early teens in what she had written. It made me realise how easy it is for the young to be targeted. I am lucky that I fell in love with a truly good man. A hard read, but I am very glad she wrote it. Hopefully it will help others.

You may realise I have left book 8 out. I had previously ordered this and hadn't realised until today I hadn't read it! so I am reading it now.

I hope everyone else is enjoying getting back to reading, I know I am.

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