Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby Names

I was reading a post yesterday, (mumofthreeworld). She had read another post, all about how they came to baby names for their children. It was a great read, and most people, when naming children, tend to lean towards family names or lost grandparents. Names that have a meaning for them.

So I thought I would throw my spanner in the works, and tell you about how I came to mine....

I wanted children at a very young age. I met my husband just 3 months after my 16th Birthday, he was 25, it was a big age gap at the time, and our relationship got grown up and serious quite quickly. By 17 I was living with him, at 18 we were given our own house on a housing associations site. Just after my 19th birthday we were married! See, quick.

So it was no wonder that at 18, children were on my mind......It didn't happen.

To cut a long story short, there were a lot of tests, a lot of concerns. Also, unfortunately, lots of miscarriages. I still find that quite hard to write.

All that time I always had a name for my 1st born, she was going to be Jasmine Angharad. It was a mix of modern and traditional. It wasn't a family name, just a combination of names I loved. I was positive our 1st would be a girl. My husband came from a family that, at that time, was all girls. He had 3 sisters and 5 nieces. We just assumed the girls would keep coming.

At 24 I got pregnant with my 1st child, we never once considered asking the sex. We didn't care!! After all we had been through, we were so happy there was going to be a child and, like I said, we totally expected a girl.

Then in the delivery room, at the change of shift, the new midwife brought in the days paper! Not totally professional, I know, but it was going to be a long day! As my child was brought in to the world there was a bit of drama, he was given oxygen and into a warming crib........HE!? 
As everything calmed down, my son was ok, my Mr. must of looked at the newspaper. Starting at the back, as usual, to a report on England's rugby team. We spotted the name of one of the players........and that is how KJ got his name!! Unconventional? Maybe....

Until you here how my 2nd sons name was thought up!!! 

We decided, as the time was almost due, that our, by then 5 yr old, KJ, could help name his brother. I don't know why, I just did. We knew on this one we were having a boy. He came up with the name, we were surprised how 'normal' it was, until he explained, many months later, how he came to it!

His best friend's mother, had a Welsh name, that everyone shortened to ROZ.......yep, that is how RJ got his name! I told the mother on one of our school yard natters, she found it amusing too. The funny thing is, KJ is now 15 and never bothers with the boy, but his mum is forever going to be part of our lives! 

Little A was just meant to be. I was pregnant, and my hubby's niece had just had a baby. We were at her house one day and I picked up a baby name book. I flipped it open, and the 1st name I saw, I loved!

I didn't know for definate what sex the baby would be, but by now I had kind of figured I wouldn't be having a girl. Also, finding the name felt right, like it was meant to be. I was right! 

A doctor also confirmed that I probably couldn't carry girls, it was most likely what my problem had been all along.

One other little thing about our names...........

As a family we are AJ, J, KJ, RJ, AJ.

How's that!!!

How did you come to your names? Tradition or otherwise?


  1. I love reading about why people chose the names they did!

    Our baby's name is my Grand-Fathers Mothers name - but we didn't know that until a few days before she was born! It's funny how names come round again. xx

    1. Isn't it funny how they become 'fashionable' again? That's mad that you happened to choose that name! xx


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