Saturday, May 11, 2013

A meme

It is 40 days until I'm 40, which means it's 41 day until Brit Mums Live. So I thought I would share a couple of facts about me, with you all. For those that are not going, you get a little insight into my madness!

So facts and pictures coming up!

1. I hate my hair being one colour, I feel a little lost if I don't have something going on! Here is my current colour.......

However this could be subject to change at any  point, I may be adding a touch of purple for London.

 2. A couple of years ago I, very severely, broke my ankle. We are talking: so many bones broken, my foot fell out. It is now held together with several metal plates and pins. Because of this I find wearing heels quite uncomfortable. This has led to a love of converse or similar. My lovely mother took me shopping for some, ready for London, an everyday pair and a sparkly evening pair.

3. Although I am really not shy, I do think everyone is better than me. Therefore I may be a blubbering wreck when we meet. I honestly don't know what I am doing when it comes to blogs, html(!??!), badges etc... I really am not making this up! When I went Comp, we had one computer room.....and I wasn't allowed in it! I have the lovely Mama Owl to thank for my header and my badge!!

4. I am making my own laptop bag to go. I have currently got a bit of an obsession with sewing, knitting etc. However, at no point have I said I was any good at it. So if I look like a bit of a bag lady (see what I did there!) please forgive me.

5. I am diabetic, so if you see me refusing cake and wine, don't think I'm being righteous........there will be a couple of bottles of  vodka in my case.

6. I am utterly useless at remembering names! I'm so sorry, but I really am. Thankfully we will all be wearing badges, but if we meet for drinks after........I won't have a clue!

7. I have a naughty sense of humour, and the kind of laugh that people notice! Not annoying (I hope), just naughty and a little loud.

8. I have been known to forget how old I am when under the influence. You know, dancing like beyonce (in my head), Singing like Maria (probably also in my head).

9. If you think I look well dressed, thank my mother! Seriously, I'm 40 the day before, and she still dress' me better than I can. I have bought myself 1 pair of trousers, mostly everything else has come from her wardrobe.

10. In the week running up to Brit Mums Live, I will celebrate a major birthday and my blogoversery! It will be 1 year on the 15th that I started sharing my weird little world with you.

So there you go, some facts that may be conversation starters on the day. 


  1. Great daps dude !!! X lisa

  2. Love your cool hair! I'll be there too and am rubbish with names! See you soon!

  3. Oh I am useless with names too! I can cope one at a time, but learning too many at once means I forget everything. Look forward to meeting you - and have a great birthday.

  4. Ouch to the ankle, cool to the hair!

  5. Love this Meme! I'm really looking forward to BritMums Live - looks like it will be a fabulous event. If you see me please say hello as I'd love to meet you IRL :)


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