Wednesday, April 24, 2013

why do I blog?

I wasn't really going to do a post today. I have little A home ill, possibly chicken pox, possibly a virus. Whatever it is, we are staying indoors, so as not to infect others! 

Today, also, biggest boy came home for lunch looking like utter crap. He can't swallow and was as white as a ghost, pretty much how I'd been feeling all day! 

So, I'm stuck in, going mildly stir crazy. Isn't it amazing how much you miss going out when you can't........even though I don't go out much anyway?!

Anyway, I digress.

When I am stuck in like this, I tend to look to twitter and other blogs. Just because its something that I can read quickly, not taking my attention too long from poorly children.

This morning I came across this post: northernmum. What an amazing inspirational lady, and thank *whoever you wish to* that the post was seen by the mother!

It makes me feel so insignificant! But maybe I'm not......

I don't get many views, I am close to hitting 20,000, since I started, less than a year ago. I know bloggers getting close to that in a month. 

It doesn't worry me that I don't have that following. I realised, virtually from the start, that I would never be in this for the numbers. 
(Don't get me wrong, I love that so many people look me up daily!)
I'm in this because I need a place to vent, to relieve the stress of the day etc. If you look back, I have documented my depression, my diabetes. 
Most importantly I blog about Autism. This is so close to my heart, it is my heart! My boys are incredible, all 3 of them, but they all have to live with Autism everyday, either themselves or because they are a sibling.

So that's why I blog, to spread the word about all of the above. To raise awareness.

I don't claim to change any ones life, but if just one person can relate to what I write, then I am happy. 
I also hope, like the post I linked to above, that you would feel comfortable telling me. I can't offer solutions, but I can always offer an ear. 


  1. Fab fab post! Thanks for reading mine and keep doing what you do lovely!

  2. It's nice to blog with no obligations, just writing what you want, when you want. The fact you are also spreading the word about autism is excellent, it's so often misunderstood!

    Keep up the good work missy x

    1. Thank you so much, I love what I do on here. I also love reading them x


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