Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where has my baby gone?

No, I haven't gone to the supermarket and forgotten to pick him up with my shopping!

The last few days I've noticed that my biggest boy, well, he's no longer a boy.

Suddenly I seem to be looking UP into the eyes of a man. When did that happen? I know it doesn't happen overnight. I know he has grown gradually since the day he was born, all 3 of my boys are growing. But the other 2 are still babies! RJ is now 10 but still has that beautiful baby face, you just want to look at him, especially when he's the only time his mouth isn't moving.........sometimes!! Little A is still only 5 and with his added needs, he will stay my baby for a long time.

But my 1st baby, oh boy, it literally turns my stomach that he is only a year away from the age I was meeting his father! *feels slightly faint*

The picture on the left was taken last year during the Olympic Torch relay, when it went through Caerphilly. My mum took my 2 eldest to see it. They got to hold the torch and had a really fun day. You can see from the picture, baby face! right?

Then we have the picture on the right, taken on our recent holiday. You see?! where has the chubby cheeked little boy? Who is this man?

This isn't even the best picture to show the change. I just couldn't bring myself to share the picture that shows how much of a man he has become. I am now sharing my home with 2 men and 2 children. It doesn't always smell very nice here, especially when you add in a dog and a cat, but I digress.

You may, in the picture on the right, notice a shadow on his top lip. He's got a moustache growing!!! 

  Who allowed that?!?! come on, tell me???

He now more or less chooses his own clothes. Uses deodorant. Takes care in his appearance. 

He does make me incredibly proud. He is intelligent, caring and gives the best hugs (just like me really!). I just find the realisation that those hugs could be going to another woman at any time. There will be a female in his life who's opinion he will care about more than mine!

We've already got to the stage where, very often, he will stay home rather than come with us. He can look after his youngest brother better than most adults I know. 

He has become a man, no longer a boy that sits on my knee, loving the songs we would sing together. Now shouts at me if I accidentally go to open the bathroom/bedroom door without first knocking. A man who can now give me a hug, and I put my head on his shoulders, not the other way around.

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Its heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. I really can't wait to see if he continues to be the wonderful 'grown up' that he seems to be heading towards.

I just wish he'd stop reminding me that he can get his provisional driving license in 2 years!!

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  1. I feel your pain! It's scary how they grow up so fast. My boy is only 11 (going on 12), but he's already grown up so much since year 6. I can't imagine him in his primary school sweatshirt any more!
    Thanks very much for linking up with the Britmums teen and tween round-up :)

    1. thanks for the comment, I'm going to keep the other 2 little lol x

  2. Make the most of those hugs whilst they are still yours to enjoy. At 18, my daughters only roll their eyes, sigh and scarper in the opposite direction if I have the audacity to ask for a hug.

    Really enjoyed reading this post.

    1. thank you! I do take advantage, I think boys are more willing than girls for cuddles lol x

  3. That's such a lovely post. They grow up so fast, my Monkey is only nearly 3 and half but he's lost his baby fat and seem's to be getting tallerv every day. Time just flies

  4. I have that joy to come, but already getting the "aww Mum" and promises not to embarrass him, bitter sweet memories I guess, but more sweet than anything...sounds like he has made you proud (in a very good way).

  5. awww this is such a beautiful post and one i relate too! my daughter turned 12 not long ago and i could quite believe where the time had gone!!

    Thank you for linking up with #magicmoment x

  6. Been there. bought the T-shirt honey! My eldest is 18 (yes I was a child bride;-)). I remember it happened literally overnight that one day he was a boy and I swear he walked down the stairs next morning with his voice all deep and gravelly. it used to freak me out when this mans booming voice came out of my baby boys bedroom! Boys change so quickly it's frightening!


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