Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Weighty Issue

As you know, I have recently come back from a family holiday. One of the truly disheartening things I noticed while I was away, was just how big I have become.

I don't stop the family taking photos of me, I would rather have the memories of our time. However, as it tends to always be me holding the camera its not really an issue!

The day we went to Sea Life (click to see post). We all had goes with the camera, my eldest taking a lovely picture of me and his dad. 
unfortunately the lump under my arm is not a bag, its my tummy!!!
To say I'm horrified was an understatement. I vowed to really do this for myself this time.
 I am diabetic who also take meds for BP and cholesterol. On top of that I also take anti-depressants and tablets to ease the nerve pain.

All of this could be lessened, or taken away completely, if I just lost weight.

I have tried various diets, including just eating healthy and exercising, but nothing seems to work for me. Unfortunately I do have a love of food, particularly the Chinese style! This week I have vowed to really give the 5:2 diet a chance. It seems to have been studied very well and is a very informative book. I would like to say at this point fasting does not mean going without food! It's about lowering your calories for 2 days.

I have carried on logging my foods on myfitnesspal because it shows the calories I have burned in conjunction with my fitbit. I didn't want my fast days to fall into negative calories and this seems the safest way to keep track.

On to this week, my first full week, taking it very seriously. Guest what?

I lost 6.5 freaking pound!!!!

I've never had a significant first week weight loss before, so I am praying that this will now continue with a steady loss. I have no plans to rush this, as I would like the weight to go away and stay away.

I have had some serious issues with food over the years, and I have always been big. Hopefully this is the start of something better.

For another view of this please visit honest mum who has been tracking her loss using this method.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on the impressive first week weight loss! I'm sure you'll be be feeling fabulous in no time!

    Issy (: xx


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