Friday, April 26, 2013

The Joy of a small house

I live in a small 3 bedroom semi. I'm not kidding you, its small.

We have many changes, added extra bits. Taken out the chimney so we could change our upstairs around.

But it is still small.

In so many ways its a joy. My living room is so cosy when we are all in it. We cover the floors and the furniture, and are all in close proximity, lovely. 

There is also the bonus of cleaning up! It doesn't really take long. I have storage on top of storage, so that everything has a place. I live a fairly uncluttered life, apart from the youngest 2's bedroom.......that's just a black hole, where all the crap gets sucked in!

Then there is the downside. BUGS.
Not the creepy crawly type, they can be squished safely removed and put outside. Oh no, I mean the germ type, the colds, the type that spread...........
See where I'm going here?

This week started with little A not looking so great, and the MR getting a little under the weather. I'm very fortunate that the hubby isn't the 'man flu' type. So Monday he went to work, and I decided to keep little A home. He was a little spotty around the face, and with the horrific measles outbreak in South Wales, I felt it was better to be safe than sorry.

A few days into the week and I'm feeling a little rough. By Wednesday, my biggest boy was feeling unwell, he came home for lunch, and stayed home.

So by Thursday, little As face is covered in, well something?! Biggest boy is flat out all day feeling rough, and I spent most of the day lying on the living room floor, basically feeling sorry for myself.

It turns out that little A has impetigo, quite bad too. Me and K have some sort of throat infection, my diabetes has meant it absolutely floored me. Today RJ stayed home too, as he is complaining his throat hurts..........ugh!! 

Oh the joys of living in a small house.........pah 

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