Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Snogging in McDonalds

Yes Really!!!
I have been quite vocal about the fact that I am about to turn 40 this year. Some of the time I mention it simply to remind myself.

For some reason turning 30 made me cry. Possibly to do with hormones, my middle boy was just 5 months old. Suddenly I was a grown up, and a mother of 2 to boot! It was a shock to my system.

However, the years have gone by, another child has been added, and I have realised that maybe I don't have to be a grown up mother of 3.

Who decides what a grown up is?

Yesterday, last minute, me and the hubby decided to go to IKEA. I was a bit fed up, nothing major, just stuff going on that left me feeling a bit bleugh. So off we go, our eldest babysitting, my mum on the other end of the phone just in case, to Cardiff IKEA which is approx 35 minutes drive away.

Most of the people who know me and the hubby, know that we have a very close bond, he truly is my best friend, my soul mate, and much much more. Unfortunately, we get very little time alone. We have 3 children, 2 with varying needs. Obviously we don't mind, but when we do get time alone, we relish it.

So this is how the trip went......

On the way down, he let me rant. I'd had a day where I'd felt very let down by people and it had left me in need of a proper rant. He listened, agreed and sometimes ranted along with me until it was out of my system. Then we moved on to idle chat, something, again, we rarely get time to do.

By this time we were almost at Ikea, yes it was a really long rant! We knew what we wanted in Ikea, so we rushed to the pick up bit, got our stuff and headed for the checkout.

We got back into the car for the trip home. This time the conversation hit on politics, and the current 'bedroom tax'. I am still completely sitting on the fence on this issue, and its a post unto itself!

By this time, we had started to relax into each others company, as we usually do, and the conversation got more I'm not giving you details!! Mucky buggers!

Any way, the conversation got very adult, also the road we normally use was blocked, so we were diverted. This led to giggles at the satnav, trying to guess where we actually were..........and where we would end up!

Our eldest had phoned to ask if we could get to Blockbuster on the way home, which is right by McDonald's.......

So we decided to buy the 3 boys a Macky D's for being good while we were out. Getting a drive through we were asked to park up and wait, not probs, we parked up.

Friends that know us, well, they know we are very, ummmm, tactile. He is the man of my dreams, literally!
So there we are, sat in a bay in McDonald's,  being 'tactile', surrounded by late teens in cars! It's where they hang out.

It made me realise that most of these 'kids' could be my children, as in I'm old enough to be their mother, not that I was some slapper that had worked my way around the local village.

So we are sat in our car, giggling, smooching etc etc. What must they have been thinking??

We are the age of their parents!! In my hubs case, grandfather!! he he

So again I must remind myself that I am nearing 40, my hubs creeping up to 50.

Snogging in McDonald's must stop!!!!............or does it??

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