Monday, April 15, 2013

meals 15/05

My meal plan is taking a bit of a different turn this week. As I am struggling to keep my diabetes under control, the baking will have to go out the window *sob*. I simply cannot find a recipe for cake, that everyone will eat, that doesn't use too much sugar and the substitutes are so awkward to cook with. 

So I will be putting more effort into cooking the meals and getting the boys to try new things. So here is this weeks plan.......

Monday: Lamb chops, peas and Gnocchi. I will be roasting the lamb steaks with rosemary, I am going to mint the peas and (thanks to my friend Em for coming up with the winning suggestion) Gnocchi will be fried in spray oil. Apparently her kids loved it, so hopefully mine will!!

Tuesday: Pasta Carbonara. The bacon will be grilled and the sauce will be made using a simple recipe........that I now can't find!! It was pretty basic though, mix cream cheese with milk, a spoon of corn flour to thicken, then add a handful of grated cheese to taste. I shall share fully if its a success.

Wednesday: Brinner. Breakfast as dinner, requested by the teen and seconded by the 10yr old.

Thursday: Pastry less Quiche. Just as it sounds really! I shall make little individual ones as I will want spinach and possibly onion in mine. Teen will want bacon and cheese. 10yr old doesn't like cheese but loves egg! Such fun....

Friday: Gammon, mash and peas. The gammon will be slow roasted til falling apart *drools*

Saturday: Homemade Takeaway. It is what it says. Me and the hubby usually share the cooking, here is a pic of this weeks.........
chicken balti, egg fried rice (homemade) and shop bought sides.
Sunday: Roast dinner. Meat to be decided.

So there is this weeks plan. If you have any ideas of low carb, well balanced meals I can cook, please feel free to comment. 
Then don't forget to pop along to Mrs.M and drool over everyone else's menus this week, like I do! 

Meal Planning Monday


  1. There is a lot of Brinner on the menus this week. Makes me feel like having one

    have a great week

    1. I find it easy, as they all like different things, so I do it buffet style x

  2. You have some lovely sounding meals planned....
    My friend makes Pastry less Quiche & it's lovely!

    1. I thought it might be a healthier alternative but still with all the flavour x


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