Monday, April 08, 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

Well my plan was set up and well and truly organised.......yesterday!

Today I am sat here, between 10 and 12, waiting for my delivery, that complimented the meal plan I had set up. And waiting. And waiting. Getting a little annoyed as a full hour has passed, then I get a niggle. Just a little one in the back of my brain.

That's when I decided to check my emails. 
That was when I discovered that the shopping is coming, tomorrow!


That's what you get for shopping late in the evening and half asleep, I guess. Anyway, here is the plan this week.

Monday: Chicken, chips and Sweetcorn. (This is my fast day so I will be having chicken and salad stuff)
Tuesday: Homemade Corned beef pie. A firm family favourite.
Wednesday: Faggots, Peas and Mash. Had a bit of a bargain on Brains Faggots, had to be done!
Thursday: Toad in the Hole. nom nom nom 
Friday: Stew. Just as well eat winter food, seeing as mother nature doesn't seem to want to change.
Saturday: Homemade Takeaway. We are trying to be healthier, but also teach the children that you don't have to go without the food you love. So it is as it sounds, there will be curry, pizza, sausage and chips. Just all homemade.
Sunday: Roast dinner. I don't know what meat yet, as I will be going to the butcher Wed and seeing what I fancy!

So that's the plan for this week, luckily I already have everything in the fridge and freezer for tea tonight. Next week I may actually look at what I am doing.

As usual I am linking up with Mrs.M and having a good nose at what everyone else is eating this week.

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  1. Corned beef pie sounds nice! I've never tasted a faggot before either actually. Have a good week!


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