Monday, April 22, 2013

meal plan 22/4

Working the first few days of the meal plan around the hubby, but then he has a long weekend off! Yay!

So still trying to cook a little healthier, as well as getting the boys to try new food! So here is this weeks meal plan.

Monday: Slow Cooked Chilli. I do love a chilli cooked in the slow cooker, everything just melts in your mouth. I'm not a huge fan of red kidney beans, but I can pick them out!

Tuesday: Lasagna. Teen boy is a big lover of this! And using the sauce recipe I tried last week, for carbonara, I can make it a lot healthier.

Wednesday: Pork Chops, Chips and gravy. A mid week roast(ish) dinner, a good way to get us all sat together at the table.

Thursday: Chicken and Veg Pasta Bake. Another recipe using my lower fat cheese sauce, but adding family favourites in, to get the boys to try new veg, mixed in with the old.

Friday: Faggots, Peas and mash. As they would of been good, trying new food. I'll give them their old favourite.

Saturday: Homemade Take Away. This is becoming a firm favourite for a Saturday night. I'm so proud of my boys for taking it on! This week will include home made pizza.

Sunday: Roast Dinner. Well obviously!!

So that's the plan for this week, but what about last week? Well I shared my recipe for pastryless quiche. The low fat carbonara was a big hit also! Here's a picture....
Forgive the chipped bowl!
I may have cooked a little too much sauce, but it was received very well, so it doesn't matter! 

As usual I shall be linking up with Mrs.M. Just click on the meal planning picture to be directed to her.

Meal Planning Monday


  1. Great meal plan!!
    We love Homemade Take Away too...A lot cheaper than a real one :)

    1. It's become a real hit in my house! x

  2. Lots of us doing the pizza thing this week :)

    1. Yeah it was thanks to the meal plans of others I had the idea originally! lol x

  3. We love homemade pizza too (may add it on my list for Saturday)



    1. MMM, go on, you know you want to! lol x


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