Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's a cheerful day

So it's Thursday again is it? The months seem to be rushing by don't they?

I am actually really happy this week, I've had time with the family, I've also managed time alone with the Mr. which I always love!

This is actually a hard week to think of Reasons to be Cheerful, simply because everything is good, so this week I am going to dedicate a reason to each of my children.

1. My biggest boy K. This week we had his parent/teacher meetings. I absolutely hate the way they do this in my sons school! You are supposed to book a time with the teachers, and then they are all sat in a big hall, waiting for you. That's not how it works. You just all pile in and wait until a teacher is free, its like a cattle market! I am happy to report, however, that he is doing well, hitting targets. Plus we have sorted some time after school for him to stay there, and do homework, our house really isn't a place you will find any peace! Especially for my teen, as the other 2 idolise him.

2. Middle boy RJ. His class has been having their turn at the local swimming baths. I like the way the school does this, rather than each class going once a week, they have each class going in blocks of 3 weeks. RJ came home yesterday with the news that he has moved into the big pool!! whoop! He had proper lessons when he was little, but he doesn't learn well until HE is ready. When he was ready he pretty much taught himself. That's the way he's always been, and I'm super proud of him!

3. My little AJ. We've had the same arguments in the morning.......every morning! However he is going to school, and has made 2 whole weeks. Yay! He is hitting his targets, they are much different from the other children, but they are still giving him targets. I love that. There is a very intelligent little boy in there, that just expresses things a little differently, and the fact that this is recognised is a very good reason to be cheerful.

So those are my reasons this week, I hope you are all happy and I would love for you to tell me about it! 


  1. Lovely post in which the love for your children shines out loud and clear. Well done you on recognising them as the individuals they are.

  2. How lovely that they are all doing so well, you sound like such a proud mum :-)

  3. Awww, it's fab they are all doing so well! Lovely reasons x

  4. Absolutely fantastic, well done boys! And well done Mum xx

  5. Thank you everyone!! I really am beaming, they're amazing x

  6. Lovely post hun. I am glad your boys are doing so well. Found you through #R2BC

    Laura x x x

  7. Great news about the boys :) I have school refusal here too at time, so I know it's a cause for celebration when they do go in x

  8. I love these kind of #R2BC posts, you may have inspired me to copy you on Thursday! lol

    Mich x


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