Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Last night I was having a flick through facebook, when I saw a status saying that the pictures from the Boston Marathon were horrific.

I googled it, saw what was happening, and was shocked and saddened. 
We have seen this twice before. 
The 9/11 tragedy, I was in the doctors waiting for my appointment when I first heard about this.
Then there was the London 7/7. I was on holidays when I heard this on the car radio. My brother and Sis-in-law were living there at time, and commuting in and out of the city. I can honestly say I had never been more scared. It took a few hours of phone calls back and forth to my mother before we found out that they were OK. My sis-in-law, at that time, worked close to one of the bomb sites.

Last night, when I saw the news, I did not think of the horrible people that did this, I thought of the people who were there. Those people who were showing true courage.

They weren't running away, they were running toward......to help.

There is news coming in that people were running straight from the finish line........Straight to the blood banks.

There were first aiders there who were supposed to be treating exhaustion and dehydration.......Instead they were carrying out patients with severe, life threatening injuries.

These people showed true COURAGE

Today my thoughts are with the victims of this atrocity, and their families.

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