Friday, March 01, 2013

World book day

As many of us parents, with school age children, know world book day is upon us (you can click here to go to the official page).

Our school, which my 2 youngest attend, are having a themed dress up day as they always do. This year, to make it easier for us parents, the theme is 'favourite characters from a book'.

The lovely people at simplyfancydress asked me to try one of their costumes from their world book day selection. There was quite a range to choose from, many that little A would recognise as characters from books we have read together. I decided to go with Bilbo Baggins however, as little A's original choice of Darth Vader doesn't really fit the theme!!

The costume was delivered within a day or 2 and very neatly packaged....
 Also it didn't come out of the package looking too messy, probably because of the quality of the material.
The thing I mostly look for with little A is comfort and ease. He doesn't like being overly fussed with and anything itchy. This costume ticked all the boxes, it was lightweight, it slipped over his head no problem and the Velcro on the back could be done up without it scratching.

And here he is!! my little Bilbo Baggins...
click here for the Bilbo Baggins costume
Doesn't he look cute! I will say that I ordered the large, which is for 7/8 and little A normally wears 5/6, however as you can see, there is quite a lot of room in there!.

So whats your school theme? Which character would you like?

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