Friday, March 08, 2013

Weep. A Poem

last night I cried myself to Sleep
I lay there quietly and had a weep
The thoughts of everything speeding through my brain
were almost enough
to cause physical pain.

The pain in me is mine to bare
I do not feel it kind to share.
We all have worries and a fear
that get too much, and bring forth a tear

There are things that keep me awake at night
the future, the past,
the dreams and the fight

Staying sane as a parent is as hard as can be
those days when you're not sure
where to find 'me'

some days are like a puzzle, where one piece doesn't fit
but we'll just move around and incorporate it.

Last night I cried myself to sleep
not very loud
just a quiet weep.


  1. *hugs* and you do yourself down- it is a great poem. Personal and meaningful, not like my parcel daftness! Hope you have happy dreams this night to come xx

    1. I actually had a lovely nights sleep. Maybe I just needed to get it out if my system. And your parcel poem made me smile x


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