Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

I only have one, very large, reason this week!!


Yes this week, tomorrow morning in fact. I am off to Weymouth.

I am not good at packing and getting ready for Holidays, I get incredibly stressed and anxious.
'Have I forgotten something?'  'Is my dog sitter going to be here?'
'Will the kids like where we are going?'  'Are we going to have a major meltdown when we get there?'
The usual stuff.

At this very moment, though.

If something is forgotten...tough!
My dog sitter should be getting in my hubby's car as I type.
I have heard (and read) great things about where we are going, and they have an indoor pool, sorted!
We will deal with the meltdown if it happens.

To top off all of that........I just saw 2 magpies in my garden. I am not normally superstitious, but this has never happened before, not in my garden. So I shall take it as a good sign and go with the flow.

I shall be linking up with seasider in the city, so pop along and have a read of other peoples reasons to be happy.

I hope you all have a cheerful Easter Break planned.
My next blog will be from a caravan!! x


  1. Wonderful reasons, I hope you have a stress free break!

    1. So do I, and hopefully we will get a dry enough day to meet up x

  2. Yay! Have a lovely break - am very envious!! Enjoy xx

  3. Have a fab hol and hope you get to put your feet up too!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time. Love your positive mental attitude!

  5. Hope the break is good for you all! xx

  6. Great! Hope you have a lovely meltdown-free week :)

  7. Have a lovely time :) x


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