Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Lets start with the PMA is it? 
Positive Mental Attitude.

And no, that doesn't not mean I am positively mental! Shh!

Today was our school meeting for little A. His teacher, the headmistress and the SENCO were involved. In all honesty I was shaking with nerves this morning, and it wasn't even a big meeting. I've been vocal about A's problems and his refusal to go to school. I've also been quite vocal about how supportive the school have been. 

Today, this didn't change. 

They gave me nothing but positive feedback for little one. He has 4 targets to meet, they are not the same as the targets other children may meet, but so what?! They are expecting him to reach targets! 
And he is! That is what I love to hear. 

Think back a few years, where would children like my little A have been? 
Not in a mainstream school.
Not getting the understanding from education bodies 
Most importantly..
He would have been seen as 'different'. The children in his class don't see him as different, because he is not treated that way!

So I have left the school with PMA today. Some days it may be hard on me to get him there, but when I do, he is doing well. 
Isn't that what every mum wants to hear?

Now the PMT!! 
Scared?? You bloody should be!!!

I suffer with terrible PMT, I'm not afraid to admit it, every one around me holds the fear.
I am Evil, with the capital E!!

I get all bloated.   All my clothes get too tight.   I get tired.

Its not like I mean to be horrible, I just have no filter. If something would normally piss me off, it still will.
 I'll just be a little more vocal about it

If you say something that would normally make me cry, normally I can hold in the tears
But not for that week. 

On a normal day I feel like throwing the dishes and clothes you've left lying around, across the room. 
During this week I will throw them.......at you!!

So for all you partners who think its extreme..........Live with it!!! 
You always get on our nerves, its's just for one week, we can't disguise it so well.

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