Monday, March 18, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

Meal Planning Monday

I've not joined in with this for a few weeks, I have still been meal planning, I just haven't been sharing. There's so much going on in my life at the moment I needed to use my blog to vent!

But this week I've kind of thrown one together, we're going on holiday this friday. No I'm not mad for sharing that, I promise. We have a dog/cat/house sitter coming the day before we leave.

So this week is a bit of freezer diving with bits added if needed.  I also mentioned in a previous post that I am doing the Dr. Mosely's 5:2 fasting diet, so I will be cooking more child orientated meals on those days.

Fish/chicken and chips. (Fasting Day) I will be joining in with the chicken, but with salad instead.

Toad in the Hole. I have been fancying this for weeks! So its on the menu this week!

Spaghetti Bolognese. I have a pack of mince in the freezer, and this is the one meal everyone will eat something from.

Chicken Supreme. Keeping the teen happy! plus it's fairly simple to make and I plan on baking for most of the day, ready for our car trip the next day.

Holidays!! woohoo! So it will mostly be bread, cakes and stuff I've made on Thursday. Its also my other fasting day, so lots of celery, radish and raw veg for me!

That's it for this week, I have no idea what we are eating while we are away. I know I should plan, to make my life easier, but this is my holiday too. My hubby also likes to spoil me a little when we go away, it's nice because I feel appreciated.

I hope every one has a wonderful week! I had a couple of cook books off a friend last night, to borrow. They are really old, traditional style. Being a big lover of the original Delia Smith cookbooks I can't wait to get stuck in! She also gave me a bread 'bible' so lots of baking this week.

I shall be linking this post up with the lovely Mrs.M So why don't you pop along and find some more ideas!


  1. Have a lovely holiday - lots of great meals here to set you up for it!

  2. Have a fab holiday! ;) I'll give you a text! x


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