Wednesday, March 06, 2013

How are you?

The age old question isn't it?
But how do you answer it?

Are you a....."Hi! I'm fine. How are you?"
Or a....."well my backs playing up, my kids are driving me crazy, and my life is one mad rush. But it was lovely to see you! Bye"

I wonder sometimes which is worse. I am always the 'I'm fine' club. Sometimes, though, I really wish I wasn't. Yesterday the lady from the parenting group I attend, called to ask if I was attending this week. I have missed the last 2 due to little A. My hubby explained that he assumed I was going, and would ask me. He explained that I couldn't come to the phone as I was lying in bed waiting for my pain killers to kick in. She was surprised by this and asked why?

You see, I've been going to this class for weeks, and have at no time told anyone that I am in constant pain. In fact one of the only places I talk about it properly, is on here!

I am of the opinion that people have their own problems and don't need to here about mine. That is, in fact, what brought me to start this Blog. I can tell the computer screen anything,and people can read if they choose, its all about the choice. But if you asked me how I am when we meet. I'll probably say.........."I'm fine".

However, I want to here other people telling the truth! I hate the idea of friends and loved ones keeping their problems bottled up. You should be able to open up, to know that someone cares enough to listen.

Maybe that's the root of the problem? Maybe I don't think anyone loves me enough to care?

My hubby is the only one that I can tell anything to, and I feel guilty burdening him!?

So how are you today? Honestly, I would love to know, good or bad x


  1. I think how much I share reflects how close I am to the person I am speaking to, the closer you are the more likely you are to get an honest answer! As for me today, well it is a good day so far! I had a good morning with a mate, and am now eating Percy Pigs! Haha! Hope you get some relief from your pain soon xx

    1. Ooo enjoy your pigs and I hope the restvof the day stays good ;-) xx


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