Monday, March 04, 2013

Em's Cafe

I asked my friends tonight, what I should write about in my blog. One of my friends, we shall call her Em, said I should name it Ems Cafe. I think she's right.

You see Em's Cafe is a place that 3 friends, 2 of which are now 40 and 1 that is much younger!!, gather. They put the worlds to rights, they don't talk much about, really! We are far too mature (?!?!) for that.

The reason these friends are different, is because they knew each other 20+ years, but have barely spoken for most of them! Not a single bit of animosity, nope. We just never sought each other out, then facebook came along, and a few of these old friends got in touch.
me 20+(cough, cough) years ago!
Over those years our lives have taken a very different turn.
One of us is hard working, independent and loves to travel.
One of us is a hard working, single mum of 2.
The third is a housewife, who loves to knit and blog............can you guess which one is me??

Why have we ended up regularly visiting Em's Cafe?
Damned if I know!

But these 2 women have become my sanity, the friends I always wanted, the type I can talk to about anything.  You know those friends that 2 hours disappear with.....that.

I am getting all soppy now and they will utterly slate me for it!! And that is why I love them as much as I do.

The reason it is Em's Cafe is because everyone gathers there.
Its also because she is an AM-AZE-ING cook........but don't tell her, she'll get big headed.

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