Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aspergers really?!

I get this a lot with people about my middle boy.

Sometimes these people even make me question myself.

Then I speak to parents of Aspie boys, they could be talking about my boy. Because he can talk to people and communicate well, people think I'm wrong. They don't know the difference between Aspie and Autism, that's the problem. He can talk to people, the problem is he will talk to ANYBODY. Daily I remind him about stranger danger, but still I think he would walk off with someone if they said they had puppies/sweets!

He actually was delayed walking/talking/potty training etc. In fact he was more delayed than little A at the walking. I didn't know about Autism or anything else when I had him. He was just bloody hard work! When little A come along and showed me Autism, well I started reading.

Lights went on...

Have you seen the film 'Temple Grandin'? She is an amazing woman, she has changed the way that many people see Autism. The problem we had was..............The film reminded us more of RJ than little A?!

But still people assume I'm just making it up, but they don't live with him.

This evening he wanted our 2 iPads, so him and his friend could play Minecraft together (that game is the bane of my bloody life). He couldn't have both as the timer was almost up, which meant little A couldn't stay on the Wii. Which meant he'd be looking for the iPad or his Lego. So one iPad, which coincidentally was Little A's iPad, was staying charging in case that was his choice.
 Fair I think, especially as it was HIS iPad!? ffs!

This did not please RJ, who stomped upstairs to rant to his friend.........not realising I was in my bedroom.

Now, we've all done it. Not getting your own way your mum/dad is a bitch/bastard, we hate them etc. etc.

Not RJ.......No he wanted to 'kick his brothers eyes out' but he couldn't because his dad would 'go on a rampage'!!.

We are talking about a dad that has only raised his voice once or twice!?

I was speechless, genuinely didn't know what to say!

Especially as within minutes he was giggling about the game with his friend again.....

I'm not sure I know what I'm expecting to come of writing it down on here? I just needed to vent.

Please don't tell me this is normal  for a boy.
 I have 3 boys, there is no normal in this house.


  1. I think the thing to remember is that he doesn't mean it, it was probably just bravado in front of his friend as that's what kids say. I don't think there's any such thing as normal with 3 boys around! x

  2. Aspergers and autism can make you child behave abnormal, and sometimes they can also be very abusive.
    In Children with Aspergers and Autism this behavior is normal, but i would like to advise you to take some expert help because experts train these children for how to behave in a group and society.

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  3. Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder.Asperger and autism are somewhat similar.Their symptoms are almost same.I advice you to consult a doctor or an expert because proper training of social skills can help these children.


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