Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scarlet Fever?!

Kids ai?! its either one thing or another isn't it?

My littlest one has been quite poorly over the weekend, you could hear the infection in his throat. You know, when they get that 'thick' sounding voice, like the glands are swollen.

His temp has been through the roof, and because he has ASD and
 doesn't like to be touched,  we couldn't take an accurate temperature. We just knew it was very high. He had been complaining that his brain was hurting (headache).

He had also been saying 'OW' a lot, but when questioned he would just say he was 'hurting'. We had put all this down to a type of flu, managed to get some calpol in him, and left him cwched up wherever he was comfy, mostly in my bed....

Then last night Mr.Ojo noticed a rash on little ones back, it looked, and felt, like he had been leaning against the sofa for a while. After a few minutes of checking it wasn't going away. We put RJ to bed and Teen decided to go watch a film, we noticed it still hadn't gone, in fact it seemed bigger. Starting to get concerned we contacted our Out of Hours doctor.

After going through his symptoms, she got quite concerned. Explaining that she would really like to see him, and being very understanding of his Autism, asked if we could take him to our local hospital. We took him down and she confirmed her suspicions.....Scarlet Fever!?

Yes, really!

We've had to spend most of the night and morning looking it up. Basically it starts like a throat infection, but some children are less resistant to the toxin that causes the scarlet fever. Little A is one of them.

He now has to take Antibiotics for 10 days, which leads us to another problem. Little A has a very limited diet. To the point where he won't even eat sweets and cake.........and certainly doesn't take medicine (the calpol was a huge step). The  biggest fear is that if he doesn't take the meds, he could get a lot worse.

He is a little more lively today, but still isn't taking the meds he needs. We have slipped it into squash, told him the squash is the good guy, being put in his body to fight the bad guys, but he's only taking sips. We tried the dreaded tough love method, he just closed his throat and it all came back out.

The doctor is prescribing him something else now, in the hope that it doesn't taste too strongly and he'll at least accept some. I'm not pinning my hopes on it.

So that leaves us trying to get the good guys into him, after 24 hours on the Antibiotics he is not too infectious, but, all the symptoms could take a week or more to go. I have kept everyone home today though, I would hate to think of another child being susceptible to this.

On a side note..........Isn't my luck due to change soon????

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