Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

If you've been reading this week then you know that this is
A. not going to be easy and
B. Much needed.

So what has made me happy this week???????  Help!

1. After all the trauma of trying to get little A to school, as the last 2 days have documented, today started the same. Unlike the last 2 days though, hubby was home. It still went pretty much the same, we tried every tactic that had been recommended, I had every one of my scarves out at one point, trying to pick one that he liked 'to look after' for the day. RJ started to get upset too, saying 'I know he has to go to school, but why do you have to be so mean'.......did you hear my heartbreaking? Hubby then walked RJ to school, we didn't want him leaving the house alone and upset. After dropping RJ off he then went to see little A's teachers.
After some of the horror stories about illegal exclusions you've read throughout the blogging community this week, this might brighten all your days..............Little A's teacher came back down the road with hubby, to talk him into school! Told you how supportive they were!
It resulted in all of us going back up the road, getting little one through the door, where he was taken into one of his lessons, while we sneaked off. If he gets upset when he realises we are not there, they will call. Its better that he spends 2 hours there, then comes home if he's unhappy, he's more likely to go again if he knows he can leave........phew!!!

2. This weekend I am off out to celebrate a friends 40th. I'm not sure how much of the night I will last, the pain in my legs is quite bad, but I am going to get dressed up and put some slap on..........even if its just for an hour!

3. The unbelievable amount of support I received yesterday from the Twitter and Blogging world. You brought a tear to my eye yesterday. Sometimes I feel like you care more than the people that know me. You pulled me through a really tough day yesterday, and made me capable of getting up and fighting on today, because believe me I was very close to throwing in the towel yesterday.
Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed are amazing xxx


  1. have a lovely time at your friends birthday..sending you big hugs xx

    1. Thank you, I will. And I appreciate all the cyber hugs I'm getting xx

  2. Hope you have a fab time at the party....big hugs to you all x

  3. Oh no it has been hard hope it gets better and that you have a lovely weekend x


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