Friday, February 15, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

I think every one knows that this is my favourite post of the week to write, and I guess after yesterdays self pitying post, you understand why. We all need to take time out and look at what is good in our lives. That is why its also my favourite post to read, I usually read everyone in the linky, even if I don't/can't comment.

So here are my 3 fabulous reasons this week.

1. About a month ago, after an utterly disastrous weigh in, I asked my lovely hubby to hide the scales from me. I was going to use clothes as my guide. I haven't really looked for the scales, but I have been feeling a little more comfortable in my clothes, until yesterday. I was feeling bloated and crappy, and to top it off I found the damn scales! So my will power being crap....I jumped on.

And lost 10 freaking pounds!!! 10!!

2. Valentines day. I know, I know. You should show romance every day blah blah blah. Well I like the day so there! I have been utterly spoilt. Not so much in expensive gifts. It started at the beginning of the week with a gift of a bra set that I fancied, and so did the eeer. The next day it was a bubble bath run for me with a girly smell, candles and my music. On the actual day it was a Chinese, and I went to bed early while he sorted the boys. Today he brought me some diabetic chocs. Spoilt rotten, but it was exactly what I needed this week, and I love that my wonderful hubby got that.

3. Half term lazy days. I'm not going to lie, I have done very little activity with the boys this week, we have mostly just lazed around together, enjoying each others company or escaping to our own spaces. Its been lovely. My littlest one is not 100% and as a result has been very demanding, his progress seems to have gone back a year and its been hard work. So lazy days are exactly what we've all needed.

I hope you've all got reasons to smile this week, take a look at the others in the linky and don't forget to pop along to seasider in the city who is hosting the linky for a couple of weeks.

Be happy xx


  1. Well done on 10lbs!!! That's great!
    Yay for half term :D Such lovely reasons to be cheerful, I hope you have a wonderful weekend =) x

  2. Now following via networked blogs :) x

  3. Well done on losing 10Ibs, I hope your all having a lovely weekend xx

  4. Fantastic weightloss well done, it always seems to come together when you stop stressing about it all the time. Cheers to lazy days x


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