Thursday, February 07, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

The weeks are going by so quick aren't they? Here we are already into February, and another week of celebrating the good in our lives with mummy from the heart

  1. Parenting classes!! I cannot shout out enough as to how invaluable these can be. I have taken classes for special needs and I'm currently on a course, just for managing behaviour more effectively. Its working, simple as that. As parents we are not given manuals, no one tells us what to do, we are just handed drooling bundles and expected to get on with it. I don't think I'm a bad parent, I don't think I need help as such. I do think that advice can come from many quarters and you should take what you can and discard what is not useful.
  2. Little A's feet. Today we had an appointment with the orthotist, basically a foot man. He has always been fantastic with my little man. This week he put my mind at rest about A going on his tip toes, he also explained that the inserts in my baby's shoes are doing their job, and once he'd outgrown them, he should not need more!! So happy! x
  3. My goal scorer! Anybody who's read my blog before will understand my concerns about RJ. I stopped him playing football for a local team, because I didn't think the trainers really got him, and he was enjoying it less and less. He started playing with the school team instead, and has enjoyed it much, much more. This week he got picked to play with them in a local tournament.......and scored a goal!! He has come home absolutely beaming. Its lovely seeing him so happy x
  4. Finally, yes I am sneaking in an extra one. I have been nominated for 3 MAD BLOG AWARDS. 3!? I am so happy, I really appreciate that someone took the time to vote for me, that someone thought I deserved it. I know that when I did my nominations, I put a lot of thought in, to think that someone thought of me during that process is humbling. If you should choose to nominate me You can click on the badge at the top right of my web page xx


  1. glad to hear the inserts are doing there job in little A's shoes..well done to RJ for scoring a goal...and well done to you on your 3 MAD nominations xx

  2. Great reasons, I'm glad to hear you're finding the course helpful and I agree, help comes from all sources and it's always good to take in whatever you can.
    Brilliant news about Little A's feet and RJ's football playing. Congratulations on the MAD nominations! xx

  3. Well done on the MADs...fab news about A's feet and well done RJ fab reasons x

  4. fantastic reasons. so pleased for you. xxx

  5. Congrats on the MADS and love your reasons to be cheerful - hope you'll share any good parenting tips you get!


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