Monday, February 11, 2013

Meal planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday 
Bit late posting this week, I've been at physio again this week, trying to work out my pain. The Physiotherapist has said it is the nerves from my lower back into my legs and its not going to be a short fix. So I have some gentle rocking exercises to start with, a letter for the doc to change my pain killers then more physio........ho hum.

So on to this weeks meal plan, we've already been to the butchers so its a very carnivorous week! Tuesdays meal is going to be made by my 10yo, from a Change4life booklet. I can't find a link for the recipe anywhere on line, but if its a success I shall post it on here.

Thursday being Valentines, we shall be chucking the boys to bed early. Steak and chips is about as much as I get as far as celebrating goes. Haven't even had that for years, so it'll be nice.

Hopefully Friday we will be going out for a belated meal for our middle boy. Due to hubby's odd shifts (and snow) we haven't had a chance to go where he wanted. So Friday its all you can eat menu!

I did want to ask all meal planners, do you know where I could get a pretty and magnetic board for meal planning? Mine was only a £1 one, and is starting to look a little battered!

Hope you all have a great half term week, and the weather doesn't keep everyone from doing what they want!


  1. It's nice to plan ahead. We have a steak left from dinner last night that we'll use for fajitas. We also stewed some chicken breasts; we'll probably use part of that for fajitas too. The rest we'll put in a casserole or make chicken salad for sandwiches. We also cooked a pot of dried beans. niftyafterfifty

    1. That all sounds delicious!! You'll have to plan one of my weeks xx


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