Saturday, February 09, 2013

Little A says......

The things my child says.....

Little A is a late speaker, a common symptom of Autism, but sometimes you have to see the lighter side of life, because you can't really see anything in the dark.

We have to unravel what he is saying sometimes and we can't help but smile......for example

At midnight last night he came to tell us his 'brain was hurting'. Why is your brain hurting A? 'there too much in there'.

Or the fact that he doesn't truly understand swearing, we think he muddles it up with doing 'naughty' things. So tonight he said his brother was 'swearing picking up my toy and swearing touching it'. This one really gave us the giggles, as his brother was sat right there!

Our favourite when he was first talking was 'get out of me!' if he wanted us to leave him alone.

One of the ones that took us an age to work out was his name for a certain food. Have you seen the advert on TV for Wheetos? The one where it makes you strong enough to battle a tough guys moustache? No neither had I when my son said he wanted moustache at the supermarket!? That one seriously took us a while to work out.
The 'moustache' advert!

Another food one is 'stinky orange' crisps, because I'd mentioned that wotsits made his face stinky orange. Or spotty bread........choc chip brioche. Not forgetting the 'black' cookies, double chocolate.

When your child has a very limited diet you make sure you unravel these things when they're actually asking for food.

His word for when he doesn't have a word is 'dudum'. This takes us a while, as we have to use all our 'sherlock holmes' style powers to work out what he wants.

We all love anything that has an L in it. He is still struggling to pronounce them, the school is helping him greatly. However, we will all be a little sad to hear the end of 'I wuv you'...

But do you know what?
I would not change a thing, because it makes us smile, and often laugh out loud.
What more could I possibly want?

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