Saturday, February 16, 2013

book #4 reviewed

As always the book links are on the 50 books tab, as I've said before all links will mostly be to Amazon/kindle as that is where I get my books!

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So onto the book I have just finished. 

The 100 year old man that climbed out of a window and disappeared

 Yes, that is genuinely the title, and it pretty much sums up the book. It is based in Sweden and tells the story of Allan Karlsson, the 100 year old man. The book begins in a nursing home, where they are getting ready for a party to celebrate the momentous birthday.....That the centenarian doesn't want.

And so begins Allan's adventure. Also a look back into the extraordinary life this man has led.

That is genuinely as much as I want to give you! The book is so enthralling that its difficult to describe. The character meets many others through his adventure, all of which have their own stories, that the author will tell you about in great detail.

Allan has also met many famous leaders throughout his life, who's back stories you are also given.

That makes it sound boring doesn't it?  Its really not! For example, his long term friendship with Einstein......some of the funniest parts of the book, and not at all what you expect.

It is extremely heart warming......and highly amusing. I genuinely was not expecting actual laugh out loud moments, but was given several.

I was surprised at how long the book was, I mean how many pages can you fill with a man escaping through a window from his own party? Well as it turns out, a great many.........none of which were boring.

I would also like to say, I'm not great at history, so I really don't know how accurate parts of it are, but I do know the leaders he meets are real!

This is really not my genre, but has encouraged me to stretch  my tastes in books a little further. The book I have chosen to read next, and already started, is Lady Chatterley's lover. Yes I know, a bit naughty, but I promised myself to read at least one classic this year, and I do detest period dramas.

I know I have not given much away about 'The 100 year old........', but I really want you to be as surprised as me. A highly enjoyable read, written simply, but very well. I really hope those that read this review,  go buy the book........and love it as much as I did.

Oh and it only cost me 20p on my kindle!


  1. That's one bonus with ebooks, free or bargain ones do mean you give books a chance that you'd not ever otherwise pick up.

    1. The one I'm reading now was just a couple of pence, fab! x

  2. Sounds like an interesting read, and a bargain to boot! Thanks for joining in x

  3. Great review - sounds like a hidden treasure! Will have to check it out xx


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