Monday, February 25, 2013


No meal plan this week, as such, hubby is working silly hours this week so there will be child friendly stuff only. There will be a bolognese in there, and probably a roast dinner. Mostly it will be freezer diving though!

Because of this, I have still based my Monday post around food..........

I am slightly incapacitated at the moment, but I still want to move around a little. The easiest solution to this is a little baking. I had my hubby and boys to call on if I needed a little help, which I did a few times.

I had spent Saturday afternoon looking on the Internet, at various blogs, recipes and pinterest and on my favourite site allrecipes. I love this site as you can save your recipes, rate them, and most of the recipes are tried and tested.

The first recipe I came across that I wanted to try was scones, it was a very simple, but highly unusual recipe. It was for easy scones, do not be put off by the mayo, it really cannot be tasted. The result was light fluffy, sweet scones that went rather quickly! I put some butter on one when cooled and it was delicious!!

The second recipe I found, but for some reason can't find again, was a lemon drizzle cake. I changed up the recipe slightly anyway, as I didn't have any lemons to hand! The recipe was:
110g self raising flour
 110g caster sugar
110g of butter
2 medium eggs
lemon flavouring
orange flavouring
icing sugar

Simply mix the flour, sugar and softened butter together, then add the eggs one at a time, beating constantly. I went old school and used a wooden spoon, but a mixer would do the job. Keep mixing until the ingredients are blended to a smooth mix, then add required amount of lemon flavouring. I cannot be specific as different flavourings have different strengths, I am a big fan of uncle roys (the link is to the local shop I buy it from too), which requires just a few drops. Put the mix into a loaf tin, lined if you wish, I always do as its easier to remove. I cooked on my middle shelf, gas mark 5 for approx 45 mins, but with a decent cooker I would check after 30. Then cool on a wire rack.
I used about 2 tablespoons of icing sugar, 1 tsp of orange flavouring and a little water to create the 'drizzle' when cooled

The result was received very well!!

There were more, but they were eaten before I could get a picture!!

My middle boy had been to cooking class the same day and made beautiful iced buns...... 

How lucky were we!! Now while I am mobile I am going to throw some ingredients in the bread maker for Breakfast. Yummy!!


  1. Oh yum Jo, Lemon drizzle is my absolute favourite,there is nothing nicer with a big mug of tea

    1. They all loved it, it barely lasted a day lol x


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