Saturday, February 02, 2013


Today is an anniversary. It is 3 years since I broke several bones in my ankle.

A day just like today. The sun was shining, six nations rugby was starting. Not being a fan of sport in general, I took my boys to the park.
 We ran around with footballs, played on the swings. Then, as it was only Feb, we came home to warm up.

Still trying to avoid the sport, I let the boys on the Xbox whilst little A played with lego and I cleaned.

As I walked through the door I stood on a piece of said lego. You're thinking 'OW', aren't you?

It gets worse.

I stumbled. As I stumbled I heard the most horrific cracking noise. As I fell I screamed........and then screamed some more.
My foot was basically hanging off. This is where my then 12yr old became my hero.
He took over, phoning the emergency services, even hanging up on the 1st person he spoke to, as they had told him to ask the person yelling behind him to stop! That was me, screaming in pain.
He got the neighbours over to help with his brothers. He called my mam and told her to get over as quick as she could. Then when everyone was here, he got to calling my hubby.
My hubby works on public transport so can obviously not answer his phone, but we have a rule we stick to if its an emergency, so the hubby knows to ring as soon as he can.

My middle boy realised that my son and his friend weren't on the Xbox at this point.........and stepped over my shattered foot to get to it!!? Yes he's obviously tuned into peoples feelings isn't he!!

I was given a huge amount of pain killers and gas and air, and put into an ambulance. Blue lighted, very gently, to the nearest hospital ER. As we arrived my hubby had managed to get away from work and was waiting for me, this was the 1st time I properly cried. Just seeing the worry on his face.

I was laid on a bed, where they kept talking about 'pulling' it back into place. I politely explained that I really wasn't enjoying hearing this conversation and could they please stop...........At least it was polite in my head!
At this point they knocked me out.

When I came around again, my foot was strapped up and there was talk of 'blisters' and staying over night. My main concern was that I was supposed to be going out the following week, and if I'd only dislocated it, couldn't I hurry up and go home? But the one nurse, I happened to kind of know, kept avoiding eye contact.

I was put onto a ward, where I mentioned to a nurse that the plaster on my foot was really tight and starting to hurt. A doctor was brought in, and explained, due to the extreme swelling, I should expect 'blisters' soon. Again, not really sure what to expect I was not too worried.
Over the next few days these appeared..........
It took a total of 10 days for these to go down on their own. They could not be burst, as that risked infection.
They are basically caused my ankle swelling too much, there is no where for the fluids to go, so they break out. The only thing I could do was keep my foot elevated, iced and take A LOT of pain killers.

When they finally went, I was taken to surgery, where the 3 bones! I had broken had to be re-broken, set and pinned and plated. The next day I was finally allowed home. I had spent almost 2 weeks in hospital, nearly all of which on complete bed rest. It was awful.

So that is the Anniversary that I 'celebrate' today.

As I type this, the sun is still shining and the match is about to begin. I am sitting on my bed, with a laptop, kindle and phone. My hubby is downstairs looking after the littlest one, while the other 2 are busy.

I think you will forgive me for staying here........


  1. Wow, who knew Lego could be so dangerous!

    Your foot looks pretty nasty, and I've seen some nasty feet!

    Can't blame you for staying in bed, is your foot all better now?

    1. It still gives me problems, but nothing this Welsh bird can't handle ;-) xx

  2. It looks so painful, it's very scary what can happen, xx

    1. It really was a little stumble that caused it! Still have nightmares, and I'm terrified of falling x

  3. Oh my god!
    I think I would have screamed too. But well done to your 12yo for being the hero.
    I hope all is well now and you are back tap-dancing :-)

    1. Tap dancing....hmmmm, not so much HaHa. But its not too bad x

  4. oh my good lord! but wow on your sons reaction to get you help x

    1. Its never been forgotton, he was so amazing x

  5. Wow that looks nasty and no photo editing needed!

    1. Nope, no editing, horrible isn't it, and I'd never heard of these type of blisters before! x

  6. Oh my, don't move! Totally understand that you mark the day. I have broken an ankle and more recently my elbow. I can't see a hole without imagining that I am going to fall into it. Here's to staying in one piece!

    1. I will definately raise a glass to staying in one piece!! lol x


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