Wednesday, February 27, 2013

24hrs really?!

Are you sure there are 24 hours in one day, mine seem a lot shorter!!

And there are 7 days in a week you say?? nope don't believe you.

It is not even remotely possible for it to be March on Friday, well that's just bloody silly!!

I am going on holidays this month, in 2 weeks in fact. I have sorted my house/dog sitter. Much easier to buy a ticket for a family member to look after the pets than find someone that will take a hyper, deaf, daft dog!

When I come back of said holiday, it will be Easter............Yes really!!

When I come back I will be sorting my travel arrangements to go to Brit Mums Live (which, by the way I am Uber excited about). Which will only be 8/9 weeks later, which is also when I turn 40!

OK, now that's down right taking the piss (sorry for sweary stuff).

Where the hell have 40 years gone!! I only left school a couple of years ago...............shhhhh!

So I don't and won't believe you when you say there are........

24 hours in a day
7 days in a week
12 months in a year.

No I won't, because I only just fitted writing this post in before my son gets home from school.........and I swear he only just left!!

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