Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spa at home

After yesterday's little strop I decided to create a bit of relaxing 'me' time. The bonus being, this is also an entry to a competition to win a holiday at centerparcs
After the children were in bed, as that's the only time I have when they don't come barging in!, I started creating my own little paradise.

The first, and quite important thing, was to clear the kiddy clutter. Yes being a mum means you have to clean the bathroom before you can use it. Then for Xmas I'd been given a few little pamper bits, one of them was from Avon. They were little flower shaped flakes to pour into your bath.
You can just about make out the shape, as they created a surprising amount of bubbles! It was a very light pleasant smell too.

So with bubbles galore it was time to create a relaxing atmosphere with a few candles...

One of the candles was lightly scented, not too strong though, just something to lift the room. It was another gift that I'd had for Xmas from the slimbridgesoaps

I have to say, that at my house this is all very rare! I very rarely even get to shut the door when I have a bath. In all honesty its normally a quick run through the shower!

Anyway, next, was the face mask, can't have a relax without a face mask........its the law!! I chose this one...

It's a 2 part mask, a face mask that you leave on for the required time. Then a moisteriser, for when its all cleaned off.  It was supposed to be anti stress, I don't know how, maybe there was something in there that repelled all the children and pets?????

So thats me, in my own little paradise spa, at home.

I have to admit, I was glad of the idea, it was nice to make myself find time and totally relax and I definately should do it more often!

I do hope you all find time to chill this week...


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