Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today I put myself out here properly, not me as such, makes me sound a bit like a street walker! No, my blog.

I've never worried too much about my views, I write this for me, and maybe some days to spread a little autism awareness. However, my numbers have been creeping up, much to my surprise, and I wondered if it was time to see what would happen with a little push.
I honestly didn't expect the immediate response I got from friends......and their friends! But I promise you I very much appreciate it, you lovely bunch.

So this is me saying thank you, please make yourselves comfortable, and take a look around. If you should so choose you can leave a comment, anonymously or otherwise I don't mind, I always try to respond.

So, onto other things. Today I got told by a friends mother that I was bloody useless on the snow. She's right of course, I was like Bambi on ice! Since my fall a few years ago I am terrified of falling, I'm useless! I had on the thick socks, the walking boots, plenty of layered clothing to keep warm.......and I still nearly went on my ass several times!! 

After walking around the, ice rink like, local roads to get some stuff that was needed at home. I got in and put the kettle on......where, 5 minutes later my 67 year old mother strolls through the door without a care in the world!! 

Gotta love that woman

So from a very snow covered South Wales, I hope you are warm, safe and comfortable. And don't forget to check your neighbours are too.



I do love comments and read them all, please be nice and tboughful to others x