Monday, January 28, 2013

Passing on the love

The lovely lady at kat a pillar has given me an award, as inspirational?!? Me really??

She really is one of the loveliest people I have met in the blogging/Twitter community, and that says a lot, because this community is one of the most caring and thoughtful, that I have had the pleasure to be a part of.
As part of the award I have to think of 7 facts about myself that you may not know. After doing 50 the other week, I'm not sure how much you now don't know about me!! Ha!
Any way, here goes.

1.I absolutely love the name Jasmine. I have always had a girls name, and had 3 boys. My girls name was Jasmine Angharad, I just adore it as a name. When I had the 1st female.......well, anything! in my house I named it Jasmine. She was one of 2 pet rabbits.........she lasted about 3 months, then had a fall that she couldn't recover from! I was gutted, it has left me feeling like I'm not to have any female company, any species, around me.

2. I don't have a 'best' friend. I hope I haven't offended anyone now!!? I had one when I was younger, but  we've grown up and situations change. I would probably say my hubby is my best friend, he is the only person I can be totally 'me' with, the only one that I can tell anything to. Outside of the house I have friends, plenty of them, I've realised in the last few months how many great people I actually know. 

3. I am always on a diet! Recently I have given up my scales though. I've had enough of scales ruling my life! What I've done instead is found some clothing I want to fit into. The first thing is a pair of the hubby's jeans. The first week I tried them, I couldn't do them up, not even close! Last weekend I got them done up, they are no where near comfortable, but its a start..........a good one!

4. I have bitten my nails all my life. Recently, after giving up smoking I stopped biting my nails too! They currently look like this......

5. I suffer from terrible depression, and have done most of my adult life. I don't publicly talk about it as I find most people still don't truly understand it. Yet I find it very easy to shout about Autism from every rooftop to make people understand!

6. I have not seen my natural hair colour, apart from roots, in decades! yes honestly. I just cannot bear to allow it to go the odd shade of grey it is.

7. I love doing, and please realise how big this is for me, this...........Vocaroo Voice Message
    (and that was recorded whilst sat alone at home)

So.......OK, please don't take the mickey too much!!
Now onto tagging.....hmm.
I have to start with the fairy tweet mother @girlgonecoastal this lady seems to make me laugh every. single. day.
Then @mummyneversleeps cos she's like the tweet mothers super sidekick!
Although she has already been tagged once, my final tag has to go to the woman that inspired my venture into blogging and is soon to be my room mate for Brit Mums Live. The ever lovely mamaowl (@jooleroo)


  1. I too have no idea of my natural hair colour! I have a friend called Angharad but she is known as Harry!
    OOh- fab singing voice- and brave to share it too!

    Great list. Diet thing- yay!
    I reckon if one of your kids had depression you would be out their fighting for its recognition and acceptance, we are not so good at making our own causes seem important, but we are Mama Lions for our kids issues! lots of us suffer from depression in life, there is NO shame at all in that, and it is a good thing to hear people talk about it as normal.

    p.s. love the new banner!:)

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't believe I shared one particular thing on there, but shit or bust haha x

  2. WOWEEE!! That was brilliant and way braver than me. You sound fab love.
    Thank you for the hugely flattering opening! You are way too kind.
    I agree with Sonya, if our babies had depression we would be out fighting their corner but we just keep it quiet and plod on.
    Fantabulous post sweetheart and I shall Tweet it from the rooftops xxx

    1. Ah thank you, and yes I probably would be shouting it out loud if it was one of my boys! The opening is much deserved x

  3. Beautfuly wrote Jo ... U do what works for u and that's great ..x by the way your boys are bloody lovley ... Xxxx

  4. Ah Jo you are too lovely, I can't wait for our weekend at britmums! x

  5. about time u showed everyone ur talent! Im so proud of u :) and f.y.i....IM ur best friend lol xxxx

    1. Um!! miss/mr anon..I don't know who this is??? haha. but thank you!! xxx


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