Wednesday, January 02, 2013

No resolutions

I have read quite a few blogs over the last 2 days. Reading them at bed time, settled down comfy under the quilt, seeing what resolutions were being made. Or reading people's round ups of 2012. 

It's got me thinking about what my first post of the year should be. I did a look back a the bet bits (Here). So it leaves me with resolutions, and I don't like resolutions. I always break them, most of us do.

Also, what about the now? We all think about the past, we plan for the future...........what about he right now? So that's what this post is, what I can change right now.
Any changes I make right now will effect the future anyway, and I've said before that the past should stay where it is.

So, what changes can I make right now?

My first change is getting more active. I actually wanted to write this pot yesterday, but I spent all afternoon feeling very sick. However, I was more active in the morning. My eldest son had a basketball hoop for Christmas, my hubby put it up yesterday, the 1st, and we were all out for an hour shooting hoops.
 In the last few months my activity level has dropped considerably, I've had pain in my hips and lower back an I've used it as an excuse not to move. Then my hubby made me leave the house to do some Christmas shopping, and guess what?..........I was in less pain the next day!! So its time to move, gently, but move! Do you know the worst part? I have a swimming pool less than a 100yards from my house, and I love to swim!

The next thing that I am doing right now, well actually continuing from the end of last year, is a lot more home cooking and meal planning. I let it slide in the last few weeks, because it was Xmas!! So now I'm back, I've thrown together a bit of a plan this week, mostly leftovers and whatever meats and veg I can find in the freezer, but its a plan. It's better for everyone in the house if I cook with good, healthy, fresh foods, plus it saves me money.

Stop being so negative about myself. This changes immediately!! I am a 'silver lining' type of person, I see the positive in most things.........except me. I am always complaining about how I look, and it stops, immediately! I got up this morning, I got dressed, then had to pop up the shop, nothing special, right?.......a week ago....Wrong!!! A week ago I would of worn my frumpiest jacket, slapped my hair back, gone to the shop with my head down. Today I put on a top I had given to me, brushed my hair and walked up with my head held high!!!  I am woman, hear me ROAR. Ha ha!

These simple changes, that start today will effect the rest of my year, probably the rest of my life. I have learnt, in the last 6 months of blogging, that I'm not alone. I have had support from friends I have never met and friends that have come back into my life. I'm not going to waste that support.

I am worth more!! Who's with me?

one of my fave pics :-)


  1. Really lovely to read such a positive post. I believe you can do all those things, good luck lovely x

    1. Thank you! It's all possible, I just need to stay positive :-)) xx

  2. Love this positive post..I think I have successfully managed to subscribe to ur blog, it didn't work first time xx

    1. I am doing it all through blogger, I just paste the url and click follow! its so much easier, thanks for the follow, I also follow you x


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