Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Me time......revistited

I wrote a post when my children started school, me time. I was frightened back then, wondering what was going to do with my time.
Wow!!! little did I know..........and why didn't you all warn me?!?!
So today I am writing a snippet, recording for prosperity we shall say, of my in fact!
Thanks to Christmas and my hubby's odd shifts, today was the first time I was up and doing the morning ritual alone. I wasn't worried, it's not like I haven't done it before. Also my alarm was the one that was set, even when hubby was doing it!
So we have the usual fight in the morning with little A, he doesn't want to go to school, and he knows he's too big for me to carry downstairs, so he just stays in bed. I have learnt my lesson here though.
 I simply carry on!
Get RJ awake, put the t.v. on (please don't judge me, it works as a timetable in our house and distracts from the end result - being dressed and out the door for school). By this time little A has realised he's missing something and comes downstairs. This is where we don't mention getting dressed, whilst getting dressed, and the same for everything else we have to do. Then as soon as the cartoon they are watching finishes, they walk out of the door. If we didn't have this routine, RJs mind would wander and I would have to nag and nag, whilst little A would point blank refuse to leave the house.
So out of the house, I only live a few hundred yards from the school gates. so its not a long, drawn out drag, thankfully. We do follow the same 'line' on the way up, and RJ and little A say goodbye at the same spot, but its no problem, we are still moving forward.
Here is where there is a little drama at the moment. Apart from the stress of going back to school after the holidays, they have had to change classes! The class they were in has a leaky roof. Oh and his favourite teacher is off.........Uh Oh.
I did wonder why he was so disruptive and temperamental last night, but had put it down to being back to school.
So after hanging around to talk to the teacher, and finding out he was the same in class yesterday, thank god for understanding staff. I head home, buying a magazine to read.........PAH!!
I get in, take one look at the tip that is my living room, and put the mag down.
I took longer than an hour to clean up, tidy bedrooms etc etc. Phoned the laundry people to pick up some, save me trying to dry bedding and towels in crappy Brit weather.
Then hubby comes home for a break, so make him and me a cuppa.........which I didn't drink.
Then I spend a while setting up a account for KJ. This should have been a quick job, but being completely crap on computers, it took me a while........and a phone call. Honestly though, I would recommend the site, it only takes a few minutes to set up. Especially if you put your childs date of birth in correctly.......Yip really.
By this time I'm thinking 'Ok, I'm done. Think I'll put some chicken fillets in for lunch..........again... PAH!!
This was when I had the call from school that RJ had forgotten his P.E. kit!!! gaaaghhh
Time to dive up the school quickly, because I have food in the oven.
Rush back, quit anything exotic I was planning and throw on some rice and sweetcorn, to go with the chicken.
It is now 1.30. I have finally eaten my lunch. I am going to attempt a hot cuppa.
Me time??

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