Friday, January 25, 2013

Do you believe?

 I touched on this subject on my post 50 things about me

The supernatural, ghosts, spooks etc.

It seems to divide people. It actually divides my own mind! does that make sense?

You see I'm sure I saw a ghost one day, whilst walking to our local town alone, on a snowy day........ooohh that already sounds a bit spooky doesn't it?

It actually wasn't though, it was very normal. 
I was simply walking, carefully down the road, when a gentleman stopped me and asked me where the post office was on the road we were stood. I explained to him that the post office he was looking for had closed down years ago, and the one in our town was moving premises. So I directed him up to our local village, actually to a local shop, where he could get further directions to the village post office.

Perfectly normal......right?

The gentleman thanked me and walked past. This is where it got a little spooky. I did what we all do when we've given directions......I turned around to check he was heading in the right direction........there was absolutely NO sign of him!!

He couldn't have already made it out of sight, as we were stood just down from a crossroads and I could see in every direction! And he couldn't of moved that quickly as it was quite treacherous under foot.

To this day I have questioned myself about what I saw, but the memory doesn't change, and I still don't know how I feel about it.

I've always believed that when a passed loved one comes to mind, its just them coming to say hello, checking you're OK. It actually took me ages to admit that. People think you're simple if you say it out loud, but then others understand and agree.

I think the problem is, it unprovable. I actually don't watch programmes like 'Most Haunted' and the like, I don't believe they really have any merit. But I have been to see a Medium, and believed every word. I am a walking contradiction!

So do you believe? what are your opinions? I really would love to hear.


  1. Ohhh spooky interesting! I believe, its naive to completely say no to it all, so many people can't be bonkers!

    My nana, who knew everything, said she knew when my sister died, as she saw her walk past the window, which she couldn't have done as she was in hospital, it was right at the time my sister did pass away.

    I knew my dad had died about 10 hours before anyone told me, all day a crow seemed to be following me, like it was checking on me, I kinda figure that was dad saying 'See ya later, curly', so yeah, I believe!

    Apparently my hubs has his own ghost, they think its his grandfather, whenever hubs is at his parents house weird stuff happens, when he's not there it calms down!

    1. See its things like this that I make me believe more! I just think some things can't be ignored xx


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