Saturday, January 05, 2013

A day out

Yesterday we had a day out as a family, to visit family. My husbands family live the other side of the bridge, or England, as you may put it!

A day out is normally something I'd dread, or better still, completely avoid. It's just so hard to get my 2 youngest prepared......normally. Yesterday they were awesome!

They got into the car with no problems, although it did involve 2 iPads, and a net book....that was just the youngest 2! The oldest boy had his own technology.
The trip ended up being fun, we had music playing, which turned into a karaoke/dancing sesh, don't worry I wasn't driving! Anybody going past us would of thought we were mad, and would probably be right. If you'd looked into our car you would have seen......the windows open, as that's how the 2 youngest prefer to travel. Plus we were all, except the hubby, dancing and singing, even little A joined in a bit.

Our first stop was at a hungry horse pub, called the Longs arms. We were meeting 2 of the hubby's cousins there with their families.
We got there first, which was perfect for little A, he had a chance to settle into his own space, acclimatise himself, before every one else arrived. It was lovely, we had several comments on how far he's come since our last visit, which makes me so proud. He really has come so far.
A picture that was taken of little A during dinner xx

R tended to shout above everyone to talk, but some gentle reminders and plenty of attention from the hubby's cousins ensured that he stayed quite calm. It was really nice to socialise with people that got us

After slightly over indulging at dinner, our next visit was to another of hubby's cousins. They are the proud owners of the lovely Westdale nurseries, such a beautiful place to visit, with lots of other businesses and a little cafe. However, for me and my eldest, at this point, the best part was the outside toilets!!! Oh boy, we had really  over indulged!
We had a lovely hour visiting, and again the children were superb. His cousin told me last time I'd visited, that little A would come along just fine, she's had plenty of experience with the ASD spectrum. It was lovely that she recognised the progress that the boys were making. Biggest boy was itching to get to our last visit by now, so off we went.

We all enjoy going to this last house, the lovely, welcoming home of mamaowl.
Biggest boy couldn't wait to see A, and was dragged off as soon as we stepped through the door!
Middle boy really wanted to see L and H, and also found them and disappeared.
Little A didn't want to get out of the car at this point, to be fair he'd been awesome up to now, and we had wondered when it would get too much. But hubby had a little talk, to remind him who we were seeing, and in he came......then he disappeared into another room too!
It was lovely to talk to the owls, knowing our children were happy and safe. The funniest part of the day happened here. Little A was coming to tell Mr. Owl about something one of the others had done, he can be a right tell tattle, but he still doesn't have all the words. So he came out, pointed at Mr. Owl and said " You..........the dad!" And walked back into the room!! Luckily, Mr. Owl understood that little A was trying to tell him something, and followed. It made me smile that he found a way of telling and it's still making me smile now.

It was a wonderful day, I truly wish we could spend more time with each family member. As the children are getting older and more comfortable with the people, it may be possible to visit more often. Although I do feel guilty that I may have delayed the Owls dinner slightly!

The big upside to visiting is..........I got the lovely Mrs. Owl to agree to come to Brit Mums Live with me!!! And I shall remind her of it regularly! We shall be 2 nervous bloggers, probably standing amongst a lot of other nervous bloggers, but we shall be there!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, will you be having a day out?



  1. Was lovely to see you! You didn't at all I promise, I had already made it earlier and just warmed it through, was delicious! See you again soon xx

    1. I have already been asked when we are visiting again! And I'm looking forward to britmums now! xx

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, although your brave doing it all in one day! We haven't been over your side of the bridge (or as hubby calls it, the right side of the bridge) since April, but hopefully we will get the chance to do so more often this year. x

    1. It went really well too! I was super brave lol.
      your hubby is right you should pop over to the 'good' side ;-) xx


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