Tuesday, January 08, 2013

50 things about me

I've read a few of these the last couple of days, and promised myself I'd join in.
I'm not actually sure I can think of 50! The lovely citygirlgonecoastal, who is hosting a blog hop, has told me this is OK........I can be an odd one if I want. 
50 things
There are no tags, just people liking the idea and joining in. So here goes....

1. My full name is Joanna
2. Even my mother calls me Jo
3. My favourite name that people think is mine is, Josephine.
4. The name Ojo came from my great niece who said it accidentally, now all the family children call me it
5. I love horror films
6. but I prefer the little known ones
7. My hair is naturally grey
8. It has been that way since my late teens
9. I dye my hair A LOT, I get bored with the colour quickly.
10. I am not, nor have I ever been shy.
11. But I do get uncomfortable around new people, I hate feeling like the dumb one in the room.
12. I am not dumb.
13. When I was around 3 I concussed the next door neighbours grandson, by smacking him over the head with a toy gun. He spent a night in hospital.
14. We are still friends.
15. I left home at 16, after giving my mother hell throughout the teens running up to it.
16. I am now incredibly close to my mother.
17. I met my husband a few weeks after leaving home, in the September. I was engaged to him by the January.
18. That was 23 years ago today.
19. We are still madly in love, vomit inducingly so.
20. I love to sing. (my husband supplied this one, saying I am a closet singing star)
21. I have not sung sober in public.......ever.
22. I have 2 older brothers
23. We hardly speak or see each other, there is no animosity, just circumstance.
24. If I called needing them, I know they would come running.
25. I love crisps, if I could live on crisps alone I would be a very happy bunny.
26. I am currently classed as morbidly obese.
27. Up until a couple of months ago, I exercised almost everyday.
28. I love to go swimming.
29. I live about 200 yards from a local authority swimming pool.
30. I never go swimming!?
31. I love it when people just drop in for coffee.
32. I never drop in on people for coffee as I'd hate to intrude on their lives!
33. My engagement ring was bought for me because my hubby won a Yankee on the horses!!
34. He never gambles any more (maybe he things that was just the luckiest he could be! ha ha)
35. I was born in a hospital that was knocked down, then went to a nursery that suffered the same fate
36. I was born June 20th. My mum cannot remember what day or time!
37. I have only been abroad 5 times
38. Out of those 5 times, only once in the last 24(ish) years.
39. I would move to Devon/Cornwall at the drop of a hat.
40. Whilst in labor with my last child, I almost died, I was roused my a Dr. massaging my chest and calling my name.
41. If I'd been awake enough I would have told him that's what got me into this mess, but my words wouldn't come out.
42. A week before going in to have my son I set fire to my kitchen, causing almost £20k worth of damage!
43. When my youngest was a year old, I stumbled on one of his stickle bricks (like Lego) and fell, I broke my  ankle so badly that I ended up in hospital for 2 weeks on complete bed rest. 
44. My ankle still hurts every day now.
46. Apart from 2 days my children are exactly the same age difference.
47. Even though I cannot have anymore children (hubby got snipped). My cycle still stopped for a month when I should have been getting pregnant again. (Still think this is really spooky)
48. I realised, along with my mum, that little A wasn't reacting as he should from a very young age.
49. I am sure I spoke to a ghost once, while walking to town on a snowy day.
50. I realise that last one makes me look a bit mad, maybe I am.........

Wow I didn't think writing 50 would be so easy! I think everyone should have a go, its amazing what pops out.



  1. Yay, you got your 50 in, well done you!
    Thanks so much for joining in, 40 and 41 are brilliant!

    My hospital and nursery were knocked down, must be because we are so awesome they couldn't risk the chance of making any more of us!

    1. Yes! That is exactly the reason......

  2. Great list and well done for thinking of 50 things, I started to struggle around 40 but managed to make 50 too :) x

    1. I loved doing it! I thought I would struggle, but could've quite happily kept going lol xx

  3. Jo, you are a brave woman. That was really interesting. niftyafterfifty

    1. Thank you so much! That genuinely means a lot to me xxx