Friday, January 11, 2013

10 years ago

10 years go today I was having my front door fitted, how exciting a post that would make!?

I was also in hospital having baby number 2, my little RJ. 
I already had a 5 year old, my little bespectacled KJ, who was super excited to be getting a little brother! Yes, I knew what I was having. It wasn't a conscious decision, I had kinda guessed.

I was already in hospital. I'd gone in a few days before, expecting a regular consultant appointment, to find that is gone to the wrong hospital! On arriving they basically told me I was going to need inducing and I just as well stay in as there was no guarantee that a bed would be available when I actually needed it. So in I went.

The next day I was sent for a sizing scan, by now, according to the scan dates, I was 4 days over. However there was some confusion over when I actually got pregnant, so I thought it was possibly a little early. Anyway the scan put me at 42 weeks +! They actually asked me if my waters had gone, there was so little room in there for amniotic fluid. I knew that it would be a big baby, my first was 9lb 4.5oz!

So it was decided I would be induced the next day, a cold Saturday morning.
 9am I was taken to the room I was to give birth in, and what little waters I had were broken.

My mum was at home with KJ, awaiting another arrival, my new front door.

Nothing happened when my waters were broken, so as expected, because it had happened on my 1st, I was put on a drip. I requested an epidural at this point as I knew how uncomfortable being on a drip without pain relief could be. It was done and I also had to have internal baby monitoring, basically I had wires, tubes and the whole shebang! I looked like a Star Trek extra! 

Still nothing happened, well except my door was nearly finished.
 I had a 2 little scares through the day. First was a lot of pain, which we realised the epidural was leaking, quickly fixed. The 2nd was me 'fading out', again quickly fixed, even though it sent my hubby into mild panic. The day rolled on and, apart from my new front door, nothing was happening.

By 9pm I had called home to say goodnight to KJ, hubby at updated all family members on the nothing that was happening and had bought a telly card for my room........yes, really. I was bored!? We settled down to watch a 2hour programme 'The Messiah', and I managed to watch the whole thing.

At 11pm I was checked again.......and things were finally happening!! I'd spent a lot of this pregnancy  watching the discovery channel, and proceeded to push for 10 breathe for 3, just like the shows I'd been watching had said. It seemed to work, RJ was moving in the right direction, but at this point there were some concerns and a C section was considered. The doc arrived and decided that a Ventouse delivery would probably be required. 

At this point about half a dozen nurses etc descended on my room with the contraption, that I did not like the look of! By now it was past midnight, I was exhausted but not in terrible pain. I carried on with my push and count routine, when the midwife yelled..........I swear to god you couldn't make this up........
"Shit, he's coming, where's my gloves!!!??"

And big old bundle popped into the world, unfortunately with rather a lot of my blood. 
He was taken off, weighed............then weighed again! I had just given birth, naturally, to my 10lb9oz baby boy, Ross James. His big brother named him.

To now, my middle boy goes into double figures, early hours of tomorrow morning.

He is a handful, he can be cheeky, he has many traits of an Aspie..........and I wouldn't have him any other way!
I love him to bits.
I love the way it takes him ages to get a joke, but when he does he has a laugh that makes everyone giggle.
I love how talented he is, if he puts his mind to anything he will excel at it, currently the guitar.
I love how logical he is. I love how much he idolises his big brother, and attempts to interact with his younger brother.
I love that he doesn't really go for the cuddling thing, so gives them as gifts for Xmas and birthdays.
He is the loudest in the house and I wouldn't have him any other way.
Love my RJ and hope he has the happiest of birthdays xx


  1. 'I looked like a Star Trek extra!' - Couldn't help but have a laugh at that! Haha. Brilliantly contrasted with the arrival of your door too! Happy Birthday to RJ for tomorrow! xx

    1. I can't even remember all the places I had wires poking out of!! haha and thank you I shall pass on the birthday wishs xx

  2. Replies
    1. thank you Mrs. Owl!! I also passed on your big squishy kisses haha xx


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